My name is Carli and I am a loyal Melissa Wood Health member. I discovered her workouts this past February and have been hooked ever since! They have brought me so much calm and positivity in such a trying time, and I truly feel so much stronger-mentally and physically- from adding them into my routine. In the past few years, I have completely altered my lifestyle, from making healthier and more sensible food choices to finding workouts that I truly enjoy, and I’m happy to say that I have healthily lost close to 100 pounds- I was even featured in Women’s Health Magazine for my journey! While I am certainly healthier and more comfortable in my skin, I still (like many women) have insecurities when it comes to my body, as I am still curvier and am not “skinny” by societal standards. When I started following Melissa on Instagram, I was a bit intimidated to see that most of the girls that tagged her in their workouts were skinny girls whose long lean lines were very apparent on them. I started to wonder if these workouts were actually working for me or if they were doing anything because I wasn’t physically seeing the long lean lines on myself as much and I didn’t look like these women. I was actually able to ask Melissa about this when she did her Zoom fundraiser class in May, and her kind, thoughtful, inclusive answer nearly brought me to tears. I am so impressed and grateful for Melissa’s philosophy that her workouts really are for everyone- I truly do believe it, especially knowing how much stronger I feel, and I am now seeing results (especially in my abs) after being consistent for so many months. However, Melissa’s workouts have taught me that being comfortable in your skin isn’t achieved by what you look like on the outside or achieving physical results- it’s doing the work to be at peace with your inner self and find the love for yourself that you deserve. I’d love to share my story, if there’s room! Thanks so much for doing this.


Hi Melissa and team! I just have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your workouts and method with all of us! The photo on the left was taken January 4th (with my New Years resolution to become stronger as I’ve always been thin but very weak) and the photo on the left was taken on April 26th! I really did not start working out until quarantine started on March 22nd so this is my results in just ONE MONTH!!! I did your workouts every day so yes I would say consistency is key. When people ask how I got abs so fast I always recommend your workouts and now all my friends enjoy them too! Thank you!!!

Aimee Hall

Melissa and her workouts have changed my life. Not only did she teach me how get long lean lines, but Melissa helped me to have a better relationship with my body. She taught me to be kinder to myself through her many methods of health and wellness. I swear by her daily workouts and can’t recommend them more!

Danielle Bernstein
Creator of Weworewhat, shopweworewhat and moeassist

I’ve been doing your workouts exclusively since early April and I have never felt so good. It can be challenging to find time to myself with 4 kids 5 and under but your workouts have made it possible for me. They are quick but super effective and most don’t require much more than a mat. I am seeing amazing tone and definition that I didn’t have before in addition to feeling stronger in my core. You put me in such a good headspace when I seemingly don’t have a second to spend on myself. When my day is full of chaos, your workouts (and meditations) are exactly what I need to get back my sanity! Thank you so much for your positivity and motivation. You are a beautiful, inspirational, woman and I look forward to many more workouts with you! The first picture of me is about 7 months pregnant with baby #4. The second pic is today. I don’t consider this an “after“ picture but more of a “during” picture as I’m still working on becoming a better version of myself every day.

Stacy Lupiani

I’ve been a subscriber for a while now, but since quarantine started I’ve been doing your workouts nearly every single day. They have helped me grow into a stronger person, both physically and mentally. I’ve always struggled with body confidence, and now I love looking at the strong body positive person I see when I look in the mirror. You helped me believe that it was possible for me to look and feel my best, and I’ve lost weight and gained so much more along the way. I feel so grateful to have found your videos, and I love sharing your method with everyone I know. Thank you for putting such positive energy into the world, and making such an impact on future generations

Jesse Kleinman

This isn’t like most transformations. Although, it’s my transformation, and it’s honest. This process – where I actually gained weight – was mentally hard, more than it was physically. I was scared, I was unsure, and honestly, very doubtful. But I was committed. Being told I had Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, was a shock at first. I’m not THAT thin, I don’t workout THAT hard. Am I? Do I? The truth is I wasn’t too thin, but I was for my body to function the way it should. It took commitment to listen to my body, slow down, and roll out my mat and do a Melissa Wood Health flow. I can confidently say by having the courage and trusting the process, I got a period for the first time in 4 years. I started feeling physically warmer, my brain fog and migraines vanished, and all of a sudden, I felt here. We celebrated my first menstrual cycle in 4 years with a night out and a toast to one day being able to start a family. Thanks Melissa.

Taylor Pichler

I wanted to share how I became a devoted Melissa Wood Health member. Before the pandemic struck NYC in March I never did one online workout. I loved getting fit in a group setting and felt it was the only way to motivate me and feel connected. When the city went into lockdown this spring, I was entering my 3rd trimester with my 3rd baby. Our lives as well as our routines as we knew it changed overnight. I was so sad to give up my weekly prenatal yoga classes and daily walks. Conducting school zooms from home, cooking, cleaning, I felt exhausted mentally and physically. I had to find an outlet for myself. This is when I decided to try the MWH 7 day trial. After the first week of prenatal workouts, I was hooked. It filled the void I was feeling and allowed me to move each day in a careful and mindful way. Melissa’s calming presence and positive energy is felt through the screen and made me feel that I was back in the studio. Some days, my kids would join me and even my husband couldn’t believe how hard the arm series were! Now, 3 months postnatal, I try to do a MWH series everyday. I love that they are quick yet efficient. I feel the shift of my energy every time I complete a video and enjoy how they are updated weekly. I’m so grateful I found this workout during such a challenging time in our lives. I feel great both physically and mentally so thank you Melissa!

Becky Kuperman

Sorry in advance for the length of this email, but it’s hard to just share one part without understanding more to the story. I’ve struggled with my health for almost 12 years now and at times it’s affected my mental health much more than my physical. I had thyroid cancer at the age of 16 and had a 95% chance of never being able to speak again but by the grace of God when I woke up my voice was completely fine. In the years to follow I had many more health issues as well as my brother having a benign brain tumor and just in the last year my mother recovered from breast cancer as well. My mental health suffered dearly because I never truly dealt with everything that was going on. At one point I was in pain for about two years without being able to figure out what was wrong with me and I ended up having two bone tumors in my leg as well as two tumors in my breast that have been removed. And yet through all of this my mental health is what suffered most. I didn’t know how to deal with it and no one around me understood what I was going through and there were times where I didn’t know how to go on. God has saved me in so many ways every single day of my life but there are some days that you want something in this physical world just to help you that much more. I started working out about five years ago and in the beginning it was completely based on the way I wanted to look. As time went by I got a little crazy about working out enough and I knew the type of workouts I was doing were not the right type for me. Lots of weights and HITT cardio but I started feeling better physically and mentally as the years passed, but when I got pregnant I bled for the first five months and was not able to do anything physical at all. I had a chance of losing the baby but left it in God’s hands and basically had to sit on my butt the rest of my pregnancy which is definitely affected my mental health!! I was going crazy not being able to walk around or even go up a flight of stairs! Almost 6 months postpartum, I’ve been doing your workouts consistently for about 2 to 3 months and I’ve never felt better in my life. My mind as well as my body craves them. I feel stronger than I’ve ever felt in my life using 1 pound weights vs 30 pounds. Never in my life have I gotten excited to put my son down for his nap and do my work out knowing I’m going to feel amazing after. Unfortunately today I found out I have another mass that I am optimistic is not cancerous but after leaving the doctor this morning and throwing a mini pity party for myself a song came on to remind me that I’m a badass who’s been through enough to know I’ll be able to weather the storm. So instead of wallowing in my self pity for longer I came home did one of your incredible workouts and I can’t tell you how great I felt!! I don’t know how you did it but you somehow just connected my body and mind through your daily practice. I just needed you to know what a difference you’re making because I know how much self-doubt we always have at times and wondering if we’re doing enough, if we should be doing better, or something differently and I just want to let you know that you’re amazing and you help so many people that you’re unaware of. Just wanted to share a piece of my journey I’ll be 28 tomorrow, almost 6 months PP and have never felt BETTER! Putting these movements into practice has truly given me something to look forward to so I thank you ️ Ps. My husband leaves for work in the mornings and laughs because I’m already doing one of your workouts and says again babe? My answer: just about every damn day!!!

Nicole Farida

This is my transformation story. The left picture was me a little over a year ago and I was in a funk. I called it a “rut” and didn’t know why I was feeling the way I was feeling. I didn’t feel like myself and I couldn’t figure out what I needed or who I was. I was going to therapy regularly and I even started seeing a nutritious to get my life back on track. I can’t tell you exactly what I was feeling but I knew it wasn’t me and I knew I could do better. The next picture is me today and I’ve never felt more like myself. When quarantine started I made myself a pact. I decided I was going to use this time to put my energy into my body, commit to move it everyday (or almost everyday), and to find things that would fuel me. This all started when I followed Melissa on Instagram. I found that her practice of yoga/Pilates, running outside and choosing to live a healthier lifestyle was all I needed. It has not only changed my physical appearance but has also shifted my entire emotional, mental and spiritual health. This story isn’t about how Melissa helped me become skinny. It’s about how she has helped my mental health and made me feel like myself again. I was committing to my MWH practice every single day and showing up for myself like she does. The shift I felt was powerful. I started an instagram that focused on my healthy recipes and my healthy well-being. I started to appreciate things more and spent more time and energy into wanting to put healthy and whole natural foods into my body. I became a different person, mindful of everything I was doing and it changed me for the better. I am sharing my story because mental health issues exist in our society every single day. I truly believe it is the utmost important thing that we normalize the fact that it’s okay to be in a rut and there’s always a way out. You just have to want it enough. Start by putting one foot in front of the other, I promise it’s all you need.

Nikki Brown

Thank you Melissa! You have made me start to love myself again! For the past couple years I have not loved or liked myself and my body. I was always in great shape and took care of myself. For some reason, my body decided to take a turn a couple years ago and I couldn’t work out without feeling ill the next day or two or three. Then, my body was basically eating my muscles and I lost all my tone and I was down to 86 lbs. (I am 5’5″ and currently 37 yrs. old). Since last year, I finally got some gut issues figured out and got back to a healthy weight. But, nothing I was doing was giving me back my muscle and tone. Any intense exercise would still make me ill too. I discovered you during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic during the “stay home” initiative (March 2020) through Jordan Younger, The Balanced Blonde, as I am an avid follower of hers. So, I tried your free trial and fell in love with the workouts! I felt good, they are low impact and I feel like I have worked my muscles tremendously! I, of course, kept going past the free trial and have not looked back since! I am now an avid follower of yours and I am learning so much about food, amazing recipes and life in general. I can’t thank you enough! You have made me love my body again which has made my mental health tremendously better! You have changed my life Melissa! I am so appreciative of you.

Amanda Hardin

It took me 4 years to finally accept and to be comfortable in my own body. I gained 20 kg when I was pregnant with Lizi and I tried my best, in the worst way possible, by not eating and exhaust myself, to go back to my pre-pregnancy body. I would compare my body to other women and trash-talk myself to motivate me to get skinnier. My goal was to weigh below 50 kg. When I reached 52 kg, I got pregnant again, and this time I gained 13 kg. So right after I gave birth to James, I was depressed. I hated who I was. The second photo would show you how miserable I was and I remember I took that picture, 5 days after giving birth to James in 2016, while telling myself, “Let this be a before-after picture. I will lose all of these excess weight in months” and of course it didn’t happen. I didn’t love myself enough to let it happen. I started exercising in August 2018 because I was so tired of hating myself. Pilates was my first choice of exercise because I like to exercise in private and I love how it brings back my focus and strength in the gentlest way possible. And then I found @melissawoodhealth in January 2020 and subscribed to her ever since. Her method resonates with me so much – it’s gentle, strong, and challenging all at the same time. I used to think that I have to spend an hour daily to get results but she proved me wrong. It’s the consistency of movement through love that will show results. When the goal of exercise is to fit society’s standard of us, it’ll become frustrating and exhausting. But once we exercise for something bigger than just body shape, then it’ll become more fulfilling. Do it for love. It’s because I love myself, and it’s because I deserve to be the best version of myself today. I guarantee – you’ll create magic.

Nina Nikicio

The Melissa Wood health workouts have completely changed my life and have made my body stronger every week. I have never done a workout before that has given me a mental shift like her workouts do. I do not have the typical Pilates body. But that does not matter because these workouts do not require you to have a “perfect body”. Melissa’s workouts grow your mind, body, and soul. I want people to know if they think Melissa’s workouts are not for them because of their appearance, it’s about much more than that. It’s about self-love and being the best version of yourself.

Emma Turner

I used to be the girl who told herself she needed to workout 6 days a week, doing cardio and HIIT classes all the time. I was burning myself out because I was under the impression that that was how to get the body I dreamed of. Wow, was I wrong! Quarantine led me to Melissa’s workout and she has truly changed my life and way of thinking. I LOVE doing Melissa’s workouts; they are the best part of my day. I’ve found that eliminating the workouts that drained me and focusing on what fills me up (!) has changed my body in the best way possible. I finally see those long lean lines I’ve always wanted and I’m a much calmer, happier and peaceful person. I feel ALIGNED! I cannot thank Melissa enough for being a light through the past five months. Her patience, kind hearted demeanor and love of the world has rubbed off on me in ways that I couldn’t imagine. I strive to be a fraction of the woman Melissa is. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Chelsea Franey

Where to start…. I’m 24 and have been following Melissa for about 3 years now. I’ve loved the MWH Method/done the workouts and meditations consistently since the beginning – They’re honestly what keep me sane throughout the day, even if it’s just an 8-minute arm series! However, almost a year ago to the day, I lost my job and took the hit pretty hard. Instead of brushing it off and searching for a new opportunity, I basically went into self-isolation and started what I like to call, “The DoorDash Diet”. Need I elaborate…? Breakfast, lunch, and dinner was prepared on my phone and delivered at my door at an alarming rate, and may I remind you all that this is PRE quarantine. In a matter of a few months, I finished The Office, Criminal Minds, and Sex and the City – if you watch tv you know that that’s a lottttttt of down time. I was mentally and physically drained, and by the time February rolled around, I was depleted. I stepped on the scale for the first time since October and I had gained 45 pounds in almost 4 months! If that’s a lot to wrap your head around, imagine my reaction. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I found a therapist (which I can’t recommend enough if you have the means to do so), opted for funny podcasts instead of tv, and started cooking again. Then, finally, I started back up with Melissa’s workouts in March. I definitely wasn’t perfect all the time, hence why this progress picture is 7 months in the making, and still going for that matter. But I am SO much happier today. Full transparency – I don’t go to therapy as much anymore and I’m still unemployed. But having a clear mind from doing the workouts and engaging in activities that serve my best interest, help me stay positive and motivated to search for opportunities on a daily basis. I don’t feel the need to share the number of pounds that have been lost so far. The girl on the left is still beautiful! That said, you can literally see the progress just by how I hold myself up differently. Happiness is what matters most in the end anyways, right?! I’m choosing to share my story today for the person who may be struggling like I was a year ago. You are not alone, and know you CAN overcome this. It’s okay to feel the way you do. Don’t be so hard on yourself. There’s a bigger reason as to why this is happening, and it’s to make you stronger on the other side!

Carolyn Grace

First of all, may I just say, I am really not one to follow people I do not know on Instagram. I’m not on social media a ton unless I need to be for work. I think I literally follow you and Twitch (just bc I love watching him and his wife do dance routines together WOWOW what a rush lol). When I checked out your Instagram, I was blown away by the kindness, generosity, and curiosity of your spirit. It shines through, and it is unbelievably contagious. Don’t get me wrong; I love your workouts. Most of all, though, it is your life philosophy and your honesty that have most inspired me. I remember reading one of your IG posts talking about waiting for someone to come into your life and save you, to show you all the answers and how to get it right. I have always had a complicated relationship with my body. The women in my family are athletic. Not skinny but not with assets. I was somehow born with the boob gene, which my family didn’t really know how to respond to. My mom, confused, would sometimes mention that different tops or clothes would make me look “slutty” or “big”. She wasn’t trying to be mean. She just knew what the world could be like and wanted me to hear it from her. Coupled with a few sexual assaults I experienced quite close together in middle school, I learned to absolutely hate my body and everything it meant. I felt out of control and ugly. I became severely anorexic in 8th grade and began a cycle that I am still fighting. I ran 40-50 miles a week, restricted, sometimes launching into cycles of binging and purging. I would get better for a year or so only to dip again, never quite so severely, but also never completely letting go of the only behaviors that brought my anxiety and self-doubt relief. I felt even more horrible about myself because, in many respects, I have an incredibly blessed life. Both my parents love me (they are divorced and super different, but they try). I have AMAZING friends– like beyond– who give me so much space to be completely myself and unconditional love, even when I am not my best. Still, I struggle, I lie about what I go through because I am ashamed and I don’t want to be burden or stress people out, or I just want to be with my unhealthy habit and thoughts without other people calling me out. I have managed to function quite highly through all of this. I went to a top university on and got good grades, I have a good job, I maintain close relationships with my friends, and I even (though this is hard everyday lol) have recently gotten into a serious relationship that I have let last past two months. I have been doing your workouts all through quarantine. I discovered them while nursing periostitis, looking for some low impact exercise I could sub in for running (also a former cardio junkie). I had no idea how my life was about to change. The first time I read “real transformation comes from acceptance” on your website; I kind of blew right past it. But after hearing your voice through the computer for the last five months, listening to your calm, assuring, genuinely KIND, and compassionate encouragement, I read it again and fully cried. Thank you so much for talking about what you have been through and creating space for people to be with themselves, fall, and get back to with pride and a big laugh. The biggest thing I have learned from this movement and your whole life philosophy is to trust myself to find my way. I can look inside myself for truth. It might be hard, and I might be wrong, but that’s ok. I need to be patient and work HARD. Every choice matters; every moment is an opportunity and a gift. Also, I love your dancing videos; they are absolutely the BEST. Your kids have an amazing mama

Frances Steele

Melissawoodhealth is my go-to while traveling. Melissa’s workouts make me feel my best. And they are no joke! My boyfriend even does them with me and let’s just say they are definitely challenging for him. They work your whole bod and I love it because of those mindfulness moments and the convenience of it while I’m traveling.

Blanca Padilla

Melissa is my cherished go-to online workout! Her gentle guidance makes me feel supported and her smile lights me up 🙂. This is not just a fitness program it’s a spiritual experience.

Gabby Bernstein
Spiritual Teacher and NY Times best selling author

After having my son, I craved a program that was both time efficient and effective. I started Melissa’s workouts at 6 weeks PP and haven’t looked back! My body feels strong, I have muscle tone in places I’ve never had before, and I always feel centered and energized when the workout is over. I am a HUGE fan of Melissa and I highly recommend her program.

Claire Holt

The MWH method helps me stay on track towards my wellness goals. I feel toned and lifted after her workouts while also feeling calm because Melissa really focuses on breath work. I never feel depleted after her workouts in fact I feel invigorated!

Hannah Bronfman
Founder of HBfit and author of Do What Feels Good

I just wanted to share from MWH IG story about how her methods transformed me!! Physically I’ve seen such definition in my arms and legit see the fat on my stomach working haah! Also I’ve embraced the way my body is, I’m more accepting one of the reasons is because I have never committed to anything in my life but I was able to commit to doing a MWH workout 5-6 times a week. I actually crave it! I was the type of person that would start some thing like a HIIT or CrossFit and fall in love with it and then not even a month later I would stop doing it! Nothing ever really stuck with me so I’m sooooooooo happy that because she does such short but effective workouts I’m able to really feel like I’m not dragging myself to do a work out so thank you for helping me stay super consistent and just bettering myself every day! Cheers!

Sarai Shivana

I started following and doing the MWH method in October but it wasn’t until quarantine that I started doing the workouts daily and really seeing results. Melissa has literally changed my life. I started drinking green juice every morning, eating avocado toast everyday and I recently incorporated warm water and oat milk latte to my morning routine. I now find myself at peace with my body and happy at where I am. It has been a journey and I’m excited to continue it. Oh! I almost forgot.. I also started doing gua sha and dry brushing! Ordered the lymphatic drainage tool and can’t wait to incorporate it into my routine. All these little changes I’ve made in my life thanks to Melissa has changed everything for me and it shows on the outside as well as the inside. I’ve never been this happy and at peace with myself before and I’m so thankful I found Melissa on Instagram.

Laura Cabral

Wow! Just finished the 14 day challenge and I’m filled with so much emotion. A year ago or even 6 months ago I would have never started something like it or believe I could do it. The picture on the left is from 7/20/20 and I decided I had enough and went on a journey to love myself inside and out. A friend introduced me to MWH a year ago and I did a few videos here and there. Through therapy, nourishing my body well and showing up on the mat with Melissa it has literally changed my life in 4 months. Cannot even imagine what the next 4 months hold! Melissa, thank you for your infectious, positive vibes and being real and honest with us. You have helped me believe in myself and trust myself- something I was majorly lacking. The transformation is 100% from the inside out. I’m so thankful I’m now being the person I want to be and showing up for myself has allowed me to be a better mom and wife- the two most important roles in my life. Melissa you have been such a gift and thank you for your beautiful workouts that truly transform the mind and body! I look forward to rolling out my mat and carving out time for me even when that can be challenge with a 1 and 3 year old. The shift and glow is real after any workout! Beyond thankful for MWH!!! Picture on the right is from today! Honestly can’t believe I’m sending this picture out into the universe but I wanted to encourage you lovely ladies that your work matters and is changing lives especially in this crazy year!

Brooke Davis

This isn’t like most transformations. Although, it’s my transformation, and it’s honest. This process – where I actually gained weight – was mentally hard, more than it was physically. I was scared, I was unsure, and honestly, very doubtful. But I was committed. Being told I had Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, was a shock at first. I’m not THAT thin, I don’t workout THAT hard. Am I? Do I? The truth is I wasn’t too thin, but I was for my body to function the way it should. It took commitment to listen to my body, slow down, and roll out my mat and do a Melissa Wood Health flow. I can confidently say by having the courage and trusting the process, I got a period for the first time in 4 years. I started feeling physically warmer, my brain fog and migraines vanished, and all of a sudden, I felt here. We celebrated my first menstrual cycle in 4 years with a night out and a toast to one day being able to start a family. Thanks Melissa.

Taylor Pichler

Hi Melissa. I’ve been battling cancer for almost 9 years and a couple of years ago had a major setback. That was about the time I discovered you. You and your beautiful smile, infectious laugh, and adorable babies brightened my days. I was far too sick to complete any of your workouts at the time, but I am happy to report that two years later, while still in treatment, I feel amazing and one of the most important aspects of my wellness journey has been my Melissa Wood Health workouts. Showing up for myself every day (as you say) leaves me feeling confident, stronger, more secure in who I am and proud of my tenacious spirit. Thank you for the light you are to this world. Know that you are making a difference. ♥️


I started doing MWH workouts before my wedding after a long battle with chronic Lyme disease left me unable to exercise for over a year. Her yoga flows and treadmill exercises got me back into moving my body and helped me feel more myself again. The endorphins hooked me in and now I do the workouts every chance I get! Plus Melissa is such a fun teacher and it really feels like you’re hanging out with her during each workout. I am obsessed!!

Jordan Younger

I have struggled with finding the right words to share but it would be a complete disservice to you and your team who work so hard if I didn’t. To start, I can’t say thank you enough to express how grateful I am for you coming into my life. I’ve been following you on Instagram for sometime now, and you have made such a huge impact on me. For years I’ve been fighting so many of the EXACT same battles that you’ve shared. From being naturally “moody”, to my relationship with food, struggling with digestion, feeling the need to spend hours in the gym, constantly feeling anxious, being in a state of what feels like permanent fight mode, etc. I truly believed this is was just how I was wired and would need to learn to just accept it. However by just accepting it I didn’t realize it was slowly breaking me down inside and transforming me into a person I not only did not like but didn’t even recognize when I looked in the mirror. I used to feel hopeless but through your honesty and vulnerability you have allowed me to open doors that would have otherwise remained closed. It’s true that the hardest battle you’ll ever fight is the one against yourself but I now know I’m not fighting this alone. You’ve taught me to tackle each day by simply taking a breath, appreciating the moment instead of trying to rush through life, and most importantly committing to “showing up for myself” by practicing YOUR flows/workouts. You’ve given me an outlet to truly feel the inner peace that I didn’t think was attainable. I’ve never felt more mentally, emotionally, and physically strong as I do now. I would most definitely not be the person I am today without you and you inspire me to continue becoming not only the best but the strongest version of myself. I really want to thank you for being you! Watching you do what you love while at the same time making a difference in the lives of others is an incredible experience. I strive to have the strength and passion that you exemplify in everyday life. The love you have for your family is heartwarming. You always keep it real and it brings a smile to my face every single day. You give me hope for my own amazing family in the future. Melissa, you have walked me through one of the most turbulent obstacles in my life. You are my light at the end of the tunnel and I’m eternally grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I will forever be not only a MWH member but a fan. I’m not sure if and when you’ll read this, but I hope you and your beautiful family continue to stay safe, happy, and most of all healthy!

Dani Victor

I wanted to show you my progress since the beginning of quarantine when I began my journey with you. I can’t thank you enough for the peace you bring me and the love I have developed for my body. I have a congenital heart disease and you are the first workout program I’ve tried in 22 years that I feel confident doing without straining myself too much. Thank you Melissa!!!! I can’t thank you enough and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for my mental and physical health

Carolina Valdivia

As an emergency medicine doctor your workouts, perspective, and energy have helped sustain my own physical and mental health while caring for others. Despite the insanity of my job during normal times, and even more so over the past few months, my body and mind are in better shape than ever over this past year by showing up regularly. On occasion I am even able to sneak in a quick standing flow at work or a car ride meditation. I have passed along this gift to my best friend, sister, and mother who are all loving your method. Thank you for doing what you’re doing. With gratitude. -Kara

Kara Huston

Hi Melissa, my name is Isabella and I am from a small town in Pennsylvania. I am 18 years old and I have subscribed to your workout app since beginning of March. When quarantine started I felt very lost and stressed. I was in my senior year of high school and it felt like my world was flipping upside down. Not only was I dealing with the stress of college, but I was also having to feel all of these new emotions and stressors that came with the pandemic. I can’t express how lost and drained I was feeling; it was the worst that I’ve felt in a long time. One morning, as I was scrolling through social media I noticed on an influencers page that they were doing the MWH workouts. I was a little weary considering that I absolutely HATED working out for the past year, due to loss of motivation from panic attacks and effects of birth control. However, I decided it might be the perfect time to get more in tune with my body and back to my spiritual practices. I subscribed shortly after watching some of your Instagram videos and posts. I was in awe of your energy and love for health and wellness. At first when I started your workouts, I was on the struggle bus. I hadn’t allowed time for a workout in almost a year. I decided I wanted to commit to working out every other day because I learned that showing up for myself was so important. I remember having a cheek to cheek smile after every workout and that truly has not gone away. I feel so strong after working out with your program and noticed a huge difference in the toning of my legs and stomach. That has brought me so much more confidence in my bikini body this summer! Now that I have been able to reflect on the past couple of months, I feel deeply how much I am changed not only physically but mentally. I am more mindful and patient with my mind and body. I am more willing to say yes, to go out and move or even do a workout at home. I have been inspired in so many more aspects of my life than just fitness. I will forever show others the importance of showing up for themselves and just taking a minute to breathe and reflect. If anyone is feeling that they are in a dark place and need something to help them clear their mind, I will always point them to you. Thank you so much Melissa you truly have made such an impact on my life.

Isabella Pabon

Hi MWH Team, saw the post on IG for transformation stories and I feel compelled to write – hard to put into words but here goes: I started supplementing MWH method with in-studio reformer pilates nearly one year ago, and found it to be just as effective, if not more effective, when I am disciplined in my form and consistent with my practice. Since COVID, my studio reformer membership was suspended, and with faith I moved 100% to MWH and I feel the healthiest I’ve ever felt. Daily, I do a minimum of one MWH meditation – it grounds me, it centers me, it creates space for me to allow things to be as they are (as MW says), it provides space for reflection, surrender, and grace. I am always learning, growing, and releasing old patterns through personal work, psychotherapy and energy work (reiki and healing touch). My last energy session I clearly heard – “let go of old patterns”, this is all we have to do, is to repeatedly come back to ourselves, to let everything go, and let life be. I am continuously grateful for this life, for this massive shift in my being, my presence in the world. I am thankful for my many blessings, and accept my gifts and talents without guilt, trusting that my blessings are for a greater purpose. MWH method is my go-to for guided meditation, and for the development of a personal practice that works. MWH flows are my perfect exercise, my body has always responded well to body-weight and resistance training – I am SO strong. My legs and core .. whole body, really, which just has such a positive effect on my life – from mental health to physical health. I find golfing, hiking, anything endurance-related to be a breeze. My butt is so strong and lifted, I’ve had two kids and am turning 35 in less than a month, and my body is probably the strongest, and curviest, it’s ever been. The last thing I wanted to say is that MWH is so body-positive. I’ve suffered from eating disorders and body dysmorphia – I probably fight the dysmorphia every day, multiple times a day. BUT – these meditations, and these movements, help me to love my body, to bless my body, to accept WHAT IS about my body. I, like most women, struggle with worthiness, with the ability or willingness to take up space in the world – though I am talented and blessed in many ways, and always timid to share my gifts for fear of hatred or overwhelm. This FEAR ran my life for many years – now that I am awakened, following my version of a conscious uncoupling in 2018, single-moming, working full time, doing all the things, all the time – this method allows ME to be ME, with no apologies, only radical acceptance of what is, and trust that my deepest desires are good and true, and abundance is flowing freely to me. THANK YOU for taking up space in the world, for sharing your gifts and talents, for being unapologetic for being YOU. With Love and Gratitude, Megan Hyland

Megan Hyland

9 months in, 4 months out — thanks to you. Melissa!!! You really are such an inspiration ♥️♥️♥️. Melissa Wood Health is not only movement to stay sane, healthy and happy but is a way of life that encourages peace and harmony inside & out.

Alexis Gruszczynski

My whole life I’ve always been, if not obese, extremely overweight. I have always used food as an emotional escape and no matter what kind of doctor I went to or diet I tried, nothing ever worked. Moving my body was always a struggle… even to go shopping for designer bags which have always been my passion because I was never able to fit into the clothing. About three weeks into quarantine I was so bored and anxiety ridden that I thought to myself “why not try out MWH” and that’s when I downloaded the app and my life changed forever. I have always been the kind of girl that hated yoga because it was “too slow” or “boring” but in reality I think it was just too hard for me to hold my body up. That day I got through 10 minutes of a Beginner video, and let me tell you I was winded but there was something about Melissa’s energy that hooked me right away. That night, as I laid in my bed looking for a video for the next day, I noticed one that was filmed at my beach club and let’s just say there was no turning back from there! Every single day since I’ve downloaded The MWH app I have done a flow. At first it was the 12 Min Standing video and 8 Min Arms, and slowly I have worked my way up to different flows and have even started doing meditations recently (although I’m still not able to sit through them completely I’m sure I will get there!) I am so proud to say that six months later and after some major food adjustments (aka eating all the yummy recipes posted on the blog) I have officially lost 101 pounds and have accomplished my biggest goal in life thus far. I’m not anywhere near the end of my journey but I will continue to do MWH every single day even when I am. Her energy is unparalleled to anyone I have ever met and she (and her team) have truly changed my life.

Amanda Waldmann

Here I am thanking You Melissa for… allowing me to be myself again. You’re breaking open, so I feel that I can too… I am a Mama of two daughters (almost 5y old and 10months). I am a wife to a solid-rock kind of man. I am “getting” all the things I have ever wanted, yet my inner voice of self-doubt has been mumbling for so, sooo long louder and louder it turned me into this bulimic/anorexic binge type. For over 17 years (sic!) I’ve been consumed by guilt and shame and binged to feel good again… which never happened. What I was getting is the growing feeling that within my own body there is no place for nutrition, no place for being ME. I was close to the edge, hurting my beloved ones with my suffering… Then, I don’t know how exactly (probably the universe aligning) I discovered you… I started following your practise at the beginning of the quarantine in March. For the first time I moved not to lose but to gain… gain trust in myself. With every flow I was able to feel the stretch and my meaning of Long Lean Lines: lines of LEARNING self acceptance, of being with what is, lines of LOVE and gratitude… lines of LIFE and LIVING it to the fullest… As my body stretched, so did my mind and heart. I started feeling the pull to go inward to understand myself. I am not saying that I am there yet, but I no longer feel the relentless urge to expel… Rather than that I feel the need to be with what is. Today for the first time I really followed your guided meditation. Your words “seeing things as they are, taking a deep hard look on yourself, making a conscious effort to choose the person that you want to show up as…” got me open to the possibility that I might be far, FAR from perfect but I am enough. It hit me that not just for my sake, but for my family I cannot follow my self-sabotaging patterns (yet so well-known hence “easy” to follow) anymore. I am ready to get unstuck, to cut through the noise and unleash my resilience. Thanks to You I am learning how to BE rather than learning how to DO… And I want to BE a better version of MYSELF. Your “showing up for yourself” practise got me on the path to healing and wholeness. Thanks to You Melissa (also your family and the entire MWH team) I am returning to who I actually am.

The first picture is January 2 2019, and the last picture is January 2021. Two years ago I was living in a very big rut. I had no consistency, I drank a little bit too much, I was depressed and anxious. My goal for turning 30 was to start taking better care of my physical and mental health. Two years ago I found Melissa Wood Health and I can honestly say that it has changed my life. Her easy to follow flows and her calming demeanour really just fit with my lifestyle. I found myself relating to her and how she lived her life. Over the last two years I’ve done her flows almost daily. Prior to the pandemic I mixed in a few spin classes here and there but when the pandemic hit and the gyms closed I didn’t panic and I think that’s because I had an already well-established home exercise regimen. That’s all thanks to Melissa Wood Health. I’ve been able to keep up my practice religiously throughout this tough year which has been a huge accomplishment for me and has helped keep me grounded. Along the way Melissa also introduced me to meditation and recently I even got certified in teaching! I am one and a half years sober and I can say with complete honesty I’m the happiest I’ve ever been not just with my body but with my mind. Thank you Melissa! without you I’m not sure I’d be where I am today. The difference consistency, your mind, and 1lb weights makes is astonishing! 

Jaylien Simonson

I spent my entire life overweight and chronically depressed. The kind of depressed that you don’t even know you’re depressed.I thought I was fine because I could get out of bed everyday and all I was ever told about depression was that “you’d be trapped in bed all day” so I thought I was fine. I thought it was normal to have a gray cloud over my head dragging me down everyday. I was not fine. I had not been happy in so long that I didn’t even know what it felt like to be truly happy. I had a wake-up call moment 5 years ago that still kills me chills down my spine to think of. I remember my junior year of college driving to class one day and I calmly and rationally thought “if life is still like this in a year, there is no point in living.” Immediately, after that thought I realized if I didn’t change the way I was living… I was going to die. 5 years later and despite losing 145 lbs (!!) I changed more mentally than physically. I’ve tried every workout you could possibly imagine. The first two years I strictly did 45 minutes of cardio 5 days a week. I cannot even stand on a treadmill for more than 10 minutes now without getting bored. I’ve done barre, pilates, yoga, cycle, strength training… you name it, I’ve tried it. When quarantine and COVID hit I no longer felt comfortable in the gym and beginning doing another popular instagram HIIT program. I completed the 12 weeks of it but I was pushing my body more than I was thanking it. Like everyone in 2020, I also struggled with my mental health. For the first time in years, I felt the gray cloud come back. I noticed it this time, I noticed the depression. A mixture of the storm 2020 was and the intensity I was pushing my body to always left me feeling worn down. I ended up being so burnt out I didn’t exercise for 6-weeks. My longest break in 4 years. This is when I discovered Melissa Wood Health and everything changed for me. I started on your 2 week challenge this fall and fell in love immediately. I was back on the mat after 6 burnt out weeks off. The combination of the movement and meditation left me feeling the most centered I have EVER felt. Things that would normally upset me, I now had more patience for. The gray cloud that was over my head started to move away. I looked forward to the flow every single day. On Friday nights I look forward to taking back to back classes and one Monday mornings I don’t dread the week after my workout. Moving my body intivuely and exercising my mind has saved me. Fitness and weight loss is a mental challenge, it is not a physical challenge. Melissa’s method inspires me to be kinder and more appreciative of my body which has made all the difference. I don’t really have a great transformation photo because unfortunately I really hid from the camera most of my life. I really just wanted you to know you are making such a big impact on people like me. Thank you for saving me when I needed it most this year.

Lindsey Howell

My transformation has not been so much external as internal. As a ballerina, I’ve loved moving my entire life. While I’ve always enjoyed the expressive nature of my art form, the physical and mental stamina required for such a demanding pursuit has often challenged me. Classical ballet is as athletic as it is artistic, and it requires that I train for hours in front of floor-to-ceiling mirrors. While the mirror is a tool ballet dancers use to refine our technique, the self-criticism necessary to advance as a dancer can sometimes be overwhelming. During the beginning months of the pandemic, I was no longer able to dance with my ballet company, and I was forced to take my training into my own hands. I began doing your workouts and meditations because I thought your flows would be a perfect compliment to the ballet movement style. I have always enjoyed Pilates and yoga, but your workouts are different. Flowing in the comfort of my own home, there are no mirrors, no one critiquing me. Instead, I’m listening to my body and letting it inform my movement. To me, your workouts are a CELEBRATION of everything our bodies can do. Because moving in this way feels like I’m taking care of myself, it is a daily act of self-love. Flowing with you reminds me I am always worthy of love, which has led me to be more confident, both inside and outside of the ballet studio. It also doesn’t hurt that all of the deep core work has drastically improved many areas of my ballet technique (my arabesques are more controlled, and I can do more pirouettes than ever before!). I may not look too different in the photos I have sent, but in the first image, I see a young woman weighed down by self-doubt and comparison. In the second image, I know who I am and am embracing it more every day. I feel happier, stronger, and that I have more to offer as an artist. Thank you Melissa, you have allowed me to continue growing into the best version of myself.

Fiona Lee

I just finished one of your 18 min workouts. Only a little over a year go- my mind would’ve exploded at the mere idea of an “18 min workout”, thinking you might as well not even exercise at that point. Fast forward a year later, you guided me through my first ever transformation (pregnancy) and now at almost 9 months post partum, I feel the healthiest, most complete, and at peace with my physical and emotional being. I am not one to be public about my life, or struggles, but truthfully, I don’t want to let this time pass by not thanking you and possibly inspiring others to treat themselves with total and complete love and grace on every level the way you have guided me. I grew up being a ballerina, on a strict schedule and a lifestyle that revolved around discipline and punishment in order to succeed. I didn’t grow up to be a professional because by the age of 15 I was so burned out that I ended up hating ballet. What I didn’t realize until this year and thanks to you, was how I left ballet, but I didn’t leave the mindset. I developed an unhealthy relationship with my body and fitness, and thought I needed to be in pain in order to exercise and be “healthy”. That sounds mind boggling to me (right now), but I was never conscious of it. During my pregnancy I was forced to slow down, and during the pandemic I couldn’t go to my daily hourly workouts, I signed up for your program, and truly changed my life. My relationship with myself, food, and health changed, and I found freedom. I may not have muscle definition the way I did at some point in my life, but I feel loved, I feel healthy, I feel lean and beautiful in a way I have never felt before- which is crazy to think because we grow up thinking “oh when I’m a mom- it all goes downhill from there”, but it doesn’t. It’s a transformation, a beautiful one, and I am FOREVER grateful for you, for your guidance and grace through it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Tathienne Kader