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Dylan's TOP Workouts and Sample Weekly Schedule

I’ve been doing these workouts since before I worked for MWH and alwayssss get asked what my favorites are. I listed my top 10 workouts plus a sample week with some of my other top picks and how I would pair them together. Note – I’m big on the arm + ab series and usually like to get in 40 min a day. I’m also big on the treadmill series and try adding these in 2-3x a week to work up a little sweat. 

Top 10 Workouts:

Sample Week: 
Monday: 10 Min Planking + 8 Min Arms + 24 Min Booty w/ 1lb Weights
Tuesday: 33 Min Full Body w/ 1lb Weights
Wednesday: 24 Min Yoga and Stretching flow + 14 Min Express Abs +  15 Min Arms w/ 1lb Weights
Thursday: 16 Min Ultimate Standing Series w/ 1lb Weights + 27 Min Arms and Abs Using Ball and 1lb Weights
Friday: 19 Min Planking Full Body + 15 Min Express Arms
Saturday: 29 Min Arms and Abs w/ 1lb Weights + 17 Min Full Body Using Your Own Body Weight
Sunday: 27 Inner and Outer Thigh Using Your Own Body Weight + 17 Min Power Abs w/ Ball


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