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The Track Forward

Photo by Michelle Rose Photo for MELISSA WOOD HEALTH

As summer comes to an end and life returns to a “routine” (2020 version), the perfectionist in me is telling myself to get back on track. My mind goes to getting my life organized, getting the kids ready for school, getting back in my own personal daily swing, etc. In all honesty, it’s just daunting. I have been feeling this heavy weight on my shoulders to get my shit together and it’s suffocating and paralyzing (aka the opposite of what I want to achieve).

So, as I stood knee deep in unpacking everything from the summer, I had this thought come over me…what if we change the narrative here? What if I stop focusing so much on getting back on that track? That track is no longer here. Let’s build a whole new freaking track for where we are in our lives right now, today. 

This idea of a brand new track was a total mind shift for me. I decided to take my attention off of what worked pre covid times and just allow myself to be right where I was. It was something that I had to share, as even just in writing this out I felt pressure lift off of me. 

Things are different right now, there is no avoiding that. Let’s pave a new path for ourselves instead of focusing on the path that served us before. One day at a time, the only way is forward.

Here are some things that have helped me personally in creating a whole new damn track: 

  • Limiting time on social media. Wow. This is a game changer…
  • Multitasking less and being present with what’s right in front of me
  • Prioritizing sleep (electronics entirely off at least 30 minutes before bed)
  • Mindfully consuming meals (sitting down without your phone in your face and actually chewing your food…it’s quite amazing how satisfying your meals are when you actually taste what you’re eating)
  • Showing up for myself every day, even if it’s for a 5 minute meditation or a quick effective flow. I swear, even a few minutes will shift your mood in the most unimaginable ways when you keep committing to carving out time for you

It’s not going to be perfect, and that’s ok. Putting the added pressure on yourself of trying to get back to “normal,” however, is not going to help. Start your new track today. We got this.

31 thoughts on “The Track Forward

  1. Tanya Storey Reply

    Hi Melissa ,

    Well .. Guess what ? You’ve already walked towards the entrance of your new track and joined a buddy to walk right by your said as I did exactly those things you have mentioned a week a go ! ( when I joined you ) .

    Go for it ! I’m with you every step of the way

  2. Iris Palermo Reply

    Melissa you are an amazing woman I ❤️ how real you are! I am so great full to have found you. Prior to you I never thought yoga or meditation was for me and that it was different. Since I found you I couldn’t imagine my life without it. 🙏🏻

  3. TK. Reply

    I TRULY needed that. You are such a light. Your workouts, diet guidance, but mostly your beautiful self helped me stay strong and guided me through my pregnancy, and now during postpartum. Thank you for being SUCH an amazing guide and bringing so much goodness into this world ❤️

    • MWH-Admin Post authorReply

      You’re so kind TK. Thank you so much. And congratulations on your baby <3



    I joined your “community” in the early days of COVID, and I can honestly say your words, energy, and workouts have been a lifeline in this crazy time, in my crazy house (with two preschoolers). I too have been feeling exactly as you these last few weeks and it has been stifling, anxiety ridden, and unproductive. Thank you so much for sharing your encouraging outlook on the future. You always inspire me. I’m ready to move forward and will meet you on the virtual mat tomorrow!! 🙏💜

    • MWH-Admin Post authorReply

      I know exactly how you feel and am sending you so much love and light Nicole <3

  5. karlee Reply

    Since COVID I signed up for your program + it has dramatically changed my mindset that a workout has to be this long for it to be effective. Your workouts are perfect + exactly the motivation I need during this time. Thank you for being you + creating this for your community!

    • MWH-Admin Post authorReply

      Thank you so much Karlee! I’m so happy to have you flowing with me <3

  6. Elina Knoka Roszel Reply

    Melissa, thank you for sharing this. You are such an inspiration to me, I love sharing your work with my friends and loved ones. Thank you for being you and reminding us that we can do the same! ❤️

  7. Sandra Dolnicek Reply

    Amazing! Love it. My partner and I also took a step back with our phone ( must say thatThe Social Dilemma had a very strong impact on us and I hope it it on others too).

    Please keep sharing what helps you to be on a good track!

  8. Katelynn Casey Shemella Reply

    This is EXACTLY where I am right now as well. I deleted social media 3 days ago completely and now I get to choose to consciously consume your content via your workouts and blog instead of mindlessly scrolling. Keep these posts coming, I beg of ya! You’ve changed my freaking life, girl. I adore you. Thank you for being the best version of you.

    • MWH-Admin Post authorReply

      Aweee thank you so much Katelynn <3 Thanks for being the best version of you too <3

  9. Jesica Williams Reply

    This is SO relatable. Completely on board with changing the narrative 🙂

    Jesica Williams

  10. Lisa Reply

    I can so relate to this! Taking time away from social media, and just my phone in general as well as focusing on one task and giving it my full attention (instead of always trying to multi-task and ultimately being rather unproductive) has been the biggest mental shift for me. Thanks for sharing Melissa!!

  11. Chloe Reply

    Melissa, my best friend was at the darkest place in her life when she found you, and your daily encouragements to incorporate mindful movement helped her get through it. She got me hooked on your daily workouts and commitment to giving myself grace when the day doesn’t bring me all that I had hoped. Thanks for conducting your business in such a way that makes me feel personally supported by you. Cheers, to our new track – together!

    • MWH-Admin Post authorReply

      Thank you so incredibly much, Chloe. Sending you and your friend so much love. Cheers to our new track <3

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