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Soul Love

Who’s the one person you’re going to be with for the rest of your life?

You. It’s pretty wild when you think about your relationship with yourself in this way. A holiday like Valentine’s Day can be extra triggering for someone who’s not in a relationship. We’ve all been there, but if we can shift our perspective from looking for everything outside of ourselves to looking within, we’ll see that love has always been there. Recently, we all have been spending A LOT more time with ourselves. Some of us know exactly how to love ourselves, some not so much, and some of us are somewhere in between. No matter what phase you’re in, here are a few questions you could ask yourself to spark that love inside:

How am I taking care of me? 

Physically? Mentally? Spiritually? We’re the most beautiful on the inside and glow on the outside when we’re taking the absolute best care of ourselves. 

What can I do today to help show myself more love? 

Maybe it’s as simple as drinking more water. Not scrolling on your phone first thing in the morning. Meditating. Reading more. (A Return to Love, You Can Heal Your Life, and Untamed are game changers.) By honoring ourselves and the space we need to grow, we deepen our connection to self.

Am I constantly looking to everyone else but me to fill myself up?

When we know how to truly love ourselves so deeply, we call it soul love. It’s a feeling of peace, acceptance, surrender, and joy. Accepting the highest good for all and forgiving ourselves for anything that we’re holding onto that we may have done in the past that’s no longer serving. Surrendering what we think we were once in control over but really have never been. And feeling joyful that everything is falling into place with divine timing. This is the recipe for loving ourselves and others.

What can I do today to love others?

When we feel stuck, send out love to others and be of service. Smiling at a stranger. Sending a text to a friend or a voice note (they go such a long way; they’re our new jams!) to say how much you care about them. Telling your mom or someone you care about how much you love them. Getting the person behind you in line a coffee. Or even sending a handwritten note to someone you haven’t connected with in a long time. Think about how it makes you feel when you receive these. Small acts can make a big difference!

If we want more love, let’s be more loving towards ourselves and others. If we want more light in our lives, show up as that light that shines. Right now, in this present moment, how can we decide to put our highest selves forward? Let love move through us. We can love ourselves no matter what’s happened in the past. Shame looks behind. Worry looks ahead. Doubt looks down. Faith looks up and in. Where are you looking for love? 

Written with so much love by Melissa Wood-Tepperberg and Katelyn Hissong

6 thoughts on “Soul Love

  1. Haajer Reply

    “if we want more light in our lives, show up as that light that shines”….I really needed that! As always, you’re such an inspiration! Loved this piece so much! thank you thank you thank you <3

  2. Valerie Finkel Reply

    Thank you, this is a good reminder and very encouraging. I appreciate your place in my life.

  3. Isabella Reply

    I love this post and the prompts included! Great questions to ask yourself (I used them as journal prompts this morning) that you wouldn’t think about on a day-to-day basis. Thank you!!

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