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Podcasts I've Been On

Being a guest on people’s podcasts has really given me the opportunity to crack myself open and share things in ways that I don’t everyday on social media. I can honestly say this is my #1 hobby. I love connecting with my audience, and it’s a great way to connect with new ones too.

The Blonde Files – “In this episode I talk to Melissa Wood-Tepperberg, founder of Melissa Wood Health, about how she went from drinking, disordered eating and stuffing emotions—to a life of peace, intuition, intention and fulfillment. We get into what it was like moving to NYC to become a model and the lifestyle that accompanied that; how she reached a breaking point and made a commitment to herself to be better; how she quit HIIT exercise and began to practice yoga and pilates; how to commit to a meditation practice and how it changed her; the importance of being accountable for our emotions; showing up for life and so much more! We also do a listener Q+A at the end where we both answer questions from the audience.”

The Skinny Confidential Him and Her Podcast Part 1 – “Plant Based Diets, Meditation, Battling Eating Disorders, and Being The Best Version of Yourself”

The Skinny Confidential Him and Her Podcast Part II – “Understanding Eating Disorders, Vulnerability, Social Media Comparison, Productive Routines”

The Expanded Podcast – “Melissa and Lacy discuss parallels within their manifestation processes, and give impactful insights into the energetics of parenthood, entrepreneurship and finding your authentic self!”

Just the Good Stuff Podcast – “Mindful Fitness Guru On Starting Her Brand, Her Journey To Finding Peace Within Her Body, Becoming A Mother + How She Got To Where She Is Today”

Lipps Service with Scott Lipps – “Scott downs with health and wellness coach, digital entrepreneur and superwoman, Melissa Wood to discuss her path and journey and her health and wellness rise and life during this pandemic.”

The Balanced Blonde // Soul on Fire Podcast – “Going Deep w/ the Radiant Plant-Based Workout Goddess Herself, Overcoming an Eating Disorder, Food Combining, & Living Without Alcohol”

We Heard What Podcast – “Why “diet” is a dirty word and how I’ve changed my fitness and eating habits with Melissa’s help. From meditation to colonics to Melissa’s personal struggle with an eating disorder – nothing was off limits in this intimate girl chat.”

The Influencer Podcast – “Overcoming Perfection, Honoring Your Well-Being & Questions to Ask Yourself Daily”

Plantbased, Not Perfect Podcast – “Science-Based Tips to Enhance Your Immunity”

The MIMIBEE Podcast – “Becoming The Person You’re Meant To Be, Meditation, Healing From Disordered Eating & The Workout That’ll Bring You Long Lean Lines”

I Love Wellness Podcast – Sharing struggles with anxiety, commitment to meditation, and how I created The MWH Method

Beyond Influential Podcast – “Tapping into Your Passion & Staying Unfiltered in an Instagram World”

Office Hours with College Fashionista Podcast – “The Importance of Health and Wellness During Your College Days”

Your Own Magic Podcast – “Healing from Food + Adderall Abuse, Perfectionism, Health Philosophy, + Returning to Love”

The Sacred Medicine Podcast – Keeping it Together: Health, Business, & Motherhood with Melissa Wood

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