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New Year, New Perspective

I think it’s safe to say it’s been a tough year for everyone. One thing I’ve been telling myself that has brought me immediate peace as we prepare for a new year is how important it is to bring all of these unfortunate lessons with us as we move forward. 

So many things have happened this year that we never could have imagined. This has been a moment of asking ourselves so many questions as we have had time to sit with ourselves more than ever (keeping in mind our front-line heroes and essential workers here as well who definitely have not been sitting). Think about what you really do want, what you want to bring into your life. I know for me, the issues from this year are also a part of my new perspective – what I thought in the past were problems are not problems. We all have a new-found perspective, but how can we keep that going forward next year and years ahead? I believe it all comes down to our daily habits – where we are putting our energy, our focus, our time.

In such a complicated year, let’s try and simplify it with three simple things that you can change in this very moment if you want to:

  1. Avoid touching your phone (or any screens for that matter) first thing. Cut endless scrolling.
  2. Meditation and movement. Even 5 minutes of meditation and 10 minutes of movement can shift your whole mental state.
  3.  Get really clear on where you are putting your energy – do you feel drained from who you are talking to/spending time with or inspired and fueled? 

When I commit to a routine for myself and this practice, I can literally feel the world shifting. If this year has taught us anything it’s how important health (in every way you can interpret it) is. That, and hope. My hope for everyone going into this new year is that mental shift. Bring in the tools to create this space for yourself…and start. Start right where you are, and keep coming back. Day after day, no matter what. Being consistent with yourself and your practice, brings lasting change.

Let’s tap into the global shift happening as we end this calendar year – taking all the external that’s going on and bringing attention inward – strengthen ourselves, and in turn connect to each other on a deeper level. Let’s grow from this year. 2020 might not have been the year you pictured, but let’s use it to better our future. 

6 thoughts on “New Year, New Perspective

  1. Jen Banas Reply

    I loved this part: ” Get really clear on where you are putting your energy – do you feel drained from who you are talking to/spending time with or inspired and fueled?” In having to choose which activities and which people to safely include in my life, I’ve become more attuned to what and who is essential to me. And in unexpected way, COVID has given me permission to slow down and re-find *my* pace, instead of having to respond to the *demands* of others or my environment. Now when pushed towards that/who which doesn’t nourish, I’m more aware of what or not it fits healthfully into my life or not. Happy New Year and thank you!


    Thanks for the tips. I discovered you at Insight Timer app and now I found your website congratulations!!

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