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MWH Transformation Story via @shashisheehan

I think it’s one thing to love your work and the work you do but getting messages like this is what it’s all about. It’s what has inspired me to continue on this path. Read below from the beautiful @shashisheehan in her words.

I’m literally blown away at the comparison of my two pregnancies. I found you at 6 months postpartum from my 3rd child in 2017 and actually started adapting my diet to your recommendations before starting with your workouts. At the time I was in and out of hospital with serious gut and bowel issues. The doctors had no answers… After 2 weeks of juicing and food combining I was 100% healed! Amen sister… this was the beginning of me becoming a MWH addict! I started doing your workouts…I felt so strong, calm and at one with my body and for the first time in years I started seeing those long lean lines that I had in my 20’s (I’m 37 now)… Another Amen! After you left Fitner I bought a MWH membership and love the ease of having you at my fingertips. We had our last babies only a few weeks apart so your prenatal series, pregnancy tips etc were exactly what I needed and kept me feeling amazing the whole time. I sent you both my pregnancy transformations because you can see how well my core held up so well the second time round and I put it completely down to following your food principles and workouts. I was even able to stand up unassisted just hours after my cesarean, and the recovery was so much easier and faster because of how strong my mind and core was. Melissa, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and passion for health and for just being such a beautiful soul. You radiate a light that is so pure, vulnerable and honest which is a rarity on IG. I am a 37 year old mother of 3 beautiful sons, having two of those babies in the past two years… but I have never felt so strong, proud and accepting of the way my body looks and feels both inside and out… so much gratitude to you. Sorry for such a long message but I really needed to tell you how you’ve helped me to change my life! 

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