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MWH Transformation Story via @erayle

See the amazing  @erayle’s transformation story of the mind and how she views working out. We strive to not just make it about the difference in ones looks but more about a state of happiness, peace and acceptance within yourself. Liz’s transformation embodies this philosophy perfectly.

I’m not the most comfortable posting this on Insta, but I needed to let you know how your workouts make me feel like a goddess, more positive than I already am and really have been a life changer. Like many others, yourself included (I loved your TSC podcast), I was “diagnosed” (…if that is even the right word for it as anorexia nervosa shortly after moving to NYC 7 years ago. At the same time, and even up until about a year ago, I abused working out and did not treat my body like the unique beauty it is. I worked out at least 2x/day, abused spin class (even at some points did it 3x/day…woof), and spent hours in the gym to burn X amount of calories. It has been darkness in my life, but light has driven that out, and you are light. I stumbled upon your page about a year ago and was immediately driven to your divine beauty, positivity and realness in yourself, your family, friends and living. About a year ago was when I decided I needed to invest the time and love I do with my family and friends, into myself. Pilates has been a game changer to loving my body and your workouts truly are light in my days. I love the power each workout has but it truly is amazing how “gentle” they are on the body. I finally am feeling my core- and all of it- and who would have known it would take only 10/15/20/30min workouts utilizing my body weight, 1-2lb ankle weights, leg/booty bands and a ball?! Your new studio is STUNNING but I will miss sweet Elanor crying in the background – angel bebe…but really- it is so refreshing to not have social media portray “perfection”…because it is so much stronger to be real and vulnerable. I LOVE back when you put a challenge together so we are all in the journey together striving for #longleanlines. I truly mean it when I state you have helped me learn to love my imperfections and make me feel like a goddess when I am Melissa WOODing thank you from the bottom of my heart. XX, Liz

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