MWH Top Favorites + Discount codes!

I love to shop (I mean who doesn’t), but I live for a good deal. This list was created from all the things you guys ask me to share. This should cover everything but if there’s anything missing, comment below and we’ll add it.

Plus, my annual membership is 30% for all new members until tonight (Monday 11/26/18 at midnight)! Go to the ‘Workouts’ page and use code MWHBLACKFRIDAY when checking out to workout with me from anywhere.





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Comments (5)

  1. MWH Member

    Love your recommendations! Can you share where you got your robe? It looks amazing!

    1. Melissa Wood

      I’m going to do a full post on this soon. Stay tuned!

  2. MWH Member

    Melissa, what shampoo/conditioner/spray do you use for your hair? Its looks so full and voluminous.

    1. Melissa Wood

      Thank you! I actually use head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner. Sometimes I won’t even use conditioner to get the full texturized look.

  3. MWH Member

    what size bumpy yellow ball….4in or 8in??

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