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MWH Prop Guide

Linked below are all the props I use in my workouts when I’m not using my own body weight. There’s a method to my madness on why every video is structured differently. Switching between props and your own body weight is ideal because you’re automatically leaning and lengthening the muscles by working them in a different way. By adding props into the mix like bands, ankle weights, the pilates circle, and exercise balls to my workouts – it intensifies to sculpt and tone the muscles.

Make sure to always check the description section of all workout videos to see what props I’m using (if any). When I suggest using your own body weight, this is because no props are needed to see maximum results. Also note, if you’re new to my workouts I suggest to start using your own body weight in each video and then investing in the props you feel you would use the most.

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  1. Reply

    Hey, Melissa,

    Love your workouts!

    I bought the 3 pack Gaiam “Restore Strength and Flexibility Kit”, per your link above, but it does not include a purple band. Which resistance level is the purple band similar to in this set?



  2. mwh_25701118 Reply

    which size bumpy ball? amazon makes you choose between 4 inch and 8inch. Thanks!

  3. mwh_25701118 Reply

    also just fyi when you click on the photo of the yellow bumpy ball it takes you to the ankle weights instead

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