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Here are all the props I’m currently using in my workouts when I’m not using my own body weight. Using your own body weight is ideal because you’re automatically leaning and lengthening the muscles. When you add props like bands, ankle weights, the pilates circle, and exercise balls to my workouts, these intensify to sculpt and tone the muscles. Make sure to always check the description section of all workout videos. I’ll be clear when I suggest using your own body weight, so please use your own body weight when I recommend it to see maximum results!

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Comments (2)

  1. tanya hunt

    Hey, Melissa,

    Love your workouts!

    I bought the 3 pack Gaiam “Restore Strength and Flexibility Kit”, per your link above, but it does not include a purple band. Which resistance level is the purple band similar to in this set?



  2. MWH Member

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