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We all have those people we stalk and feel like they are our best friend on social media, and Melissa Wood Tepperberg is one of those people for me. She’s the type of person that glows from the inside out, and her lifestyle is contagious. She has motivated me to be mindful of how I treat my body, what I put in it, and where food comes from and how it gets to my plate. She also is a pillar of presence, an amazing mother and wife, and all around health guru. She is the best type of inspiration because she leads by example, and is just full of knowledge! She turned me on to her Spirulina Smoothie, and honestly this little smoothie has become a huge part of my life. It is the best way to kick start my day and has me feeling SO healthy. You have to check her out.

The first time I listened to an interview with Melissa on The Skinny Confidential Him and Her podcast I immediately felt like I could relate to EVERY. SINGLE. THING. she was saying. I felt as though in the back of my mind I had always wanted to live a specific way, and Melissa was right there in my ear giving me permission to take the reigns and do it. The next day I went cold turkey (pun intended?)- went vegan, and started her workouts online. With 3 months to my wedding (post coming soon!) I didn’t want to start something completely new, but everything that she said was speaking to me, and I am SO glad it clicked because today I have never felt better both physically and mentally… and that is all thanks to Melissa. Her natural beauty has shown me and so many others that less is much more, and because of that she has become one of our icons here in the office. We love an effortlessly beautiful woman that has her sh*t together, and she exudes everything we love to see in a strong woman. We took some time to chat with this lovely lady and we are so incredibly excited to share her with all of you!

Introduce who you are, what you do, what you love?!

I’m a mom, creator of ‘In The Flow,’ my yoga/pilates class, meditator and thriving on a plan-based diet. I love my family and helping people achieve their best selves.

How did you build your career around your passion, and what do you lead with every day to succeed in your field of work?

I built my business by recognizing what lit me up and what made me so happy every single day. Then slowly taking small steps, to make this more and more of my daily life.

1. I enrolled at IIN, The Integrated Institute of Nutrition.

2. I started healing myself by seeing a therapist and health coach.

3. Literally attended everything that was wellness related in NYC, reading books and just further educating myself.

It started to become such a huge part of my life, it was no longer a job, I knew it was my calling

We are a family owned business here at Winston White. What role does your family play in your business? How do they support you and inspire you?

My husband is my #1 point person on everything and just watching him show up the way he does everyday for everyone in his business is so inspiring and has definitely made me a much better business woman.

What’s the biggest lesson you have learned from starting your own business, and what advice do you have for women that want to reach towards a career path that is authentically themselves?

If it scares the shit out of you, do it. Saying no to things, in the beginning especially, will get you nowhere.

What really “lights your fire”?

Receiving message from people that I’ve made a difference in them mentally, physically and spiritually. It never gets old for me, reading every single one is like reading a message for the very first time.

You are the type of person that GLOWS inside and out. What advice would you give women to help them be their “damn best” as you would say? 😉

Thank you so much, that’s really sweet. It truly all starts from within, the thoughts that you think about yourself, every situation in your life and in the world, the food you put in your body, the energy you take in, with the company you keep is where it all starts. Meditation really helped me learn to love myself as I am. When you move from a place of loving yourself, you start loving everything in your life differently.

Describe your fitness routine, and the basic principles you live by when it comes to choosing the right workouts.

I believe in yoga and pilates style workouts using slow controlled movements to naturally sculpt long lean lines throughout your entire body. I did high intensity workouts for years and finally realized they gave me so much anxiety, my body wasn’t responding well because I didn’t like it. Once I connected to myself and my body on a deeper level and realized that slowing down and being easier on my mind and body gave me the results I was always trying to achieve without trying so hard. The whole “no pain, no gain” mindset is the furthest thing from what I believe. Where there’s pain there is no gain, in my eyes. The easier we are on ourselves, the better your body responds. I think the most important thing is no matter what people say is the best for you to do, your workouts have to be something you connect with and you feel good doing. That’s where you’ll see a transformation.

Tell us about your plant based diet, what propelled you to make the switch? How does your diet enhance your lifestyle?

For me, as soon as I made the connection with what was on my plate and how it got there, was when I intuitively started shifting towards a plant-based diet. Through education, reading The China Study and watching numerous documentaries I happily made the transition. I used to be aggressive with the way I ate, similarly to working out (I was eating a high protein diet, no carbs and living in deprivation which led to an eating disorder). I wasn’t being easy on my body and through eating foods that I’ve always loved and enjoyed it helped me thrive in a way like never before.

Not only do we love your health and wellness tips, we love your style! How would you describe your style and who are your icons?

Thank you so much! My uniform is a hat, leather jacket, jeans and boots. Strong basics with a feminine twist, but not too feminine. I love wearing your rompers with a jacket and boots to give it a little edge. I love Danielle Bernstein from WeWoreWhat and Oliva Culpo.

What are your best daily beauty routine/tips and tricks?

I just started using a Clarsonic massager on my face for lymphatic drainage and I’m obsessed. For a breakdown of all the products I use head to my website to also read about my skin transformation from when I suffered from bad acne to now. I don’t sit in the sun but I allow myself to get a little Vitamin D, but I definitely don’t bake my face. I use 99% all nontoxic beauty which has made such a difference in my skin. Also getting a facial from Joie every 6 weeks has literally knocked 5 years off my skin.

How do you unwind?

An epsom salt bath, meditation and listening to guided meditations, especially at night. Also just reading a book with Benjamin, all brings me so much peace.

What’s next for you and what are some of your goals you are reaching towards?

Stay tuned for a relaunch of my website at the beginning of April along with some exciting new things I’m finally going to be sharing on my own platform. This is the year for me to take so many risks, I have zero fear attached to me for the first time in my life and I’m just after it!


Workout with Melissa here:

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XO- Brittany

Co-Owner of Winston White Clothing

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