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MWH Codes

Here’s links and codes to my go-tos.

Act and Acre: MelissaWH20 for 20% off

Wilding Gua Sha: MELISSA10 for 10% off

HigherDOSE: MWH75 for $75 off

Youth To The People: MWH15 for 15% off

Tenoverten: MWH20 for 20% off

Catalyst Gold: MELISSA for 10% off

Citrine: MWH10 for 10% off

Hilma: MWH20 for 20% off

Baxter Blue: MELISSA10 for 10% off

Bala Bangles: MWH10 for 10% off

Mary Ruth’s Organics: MWH20 for 20% off

Sakara: XOMELISSAW for 20% off

Seed: MWH20 for 20% off

Electric Picks: GOLDEN for 20% off

KBH Jewels: MWH10 for 10% off

Rise Brewing Co: MELISSAWOOD15 for 15% off + free shipping!

Eklexic Jewelry: MWH30 for 30% off

Boody: MWH20 for 20% off

Parpala Jewelry: mwh10 for 10% off

Manna Organics: MWH10 for 10% off

CHEL Body Gua Sha: MWCHEL for 10% off

O3 Waterworks: MWH10 for $10 off

Boll & Branch: 20MWH for 20% off

Brizo: 15% off automatically applied at checkout when purchased through this link!

ONA: Melissa10 for 10% off

Our Place: MWH10 for 10% off

Mala Collective: MWH10 for 10% off

Moda Framing: MWH30 for 30% off

Tammy Fender: MELISSA15 for 15% off

 Rosebox: MELISSA for 10% off


  1. Jennifer Reply

    Hi! Do you have a new code for the UO Bala bangles? The one above isn’t working. Thank you!

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