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Melissa Day

I’ve gone to write this post so many times and keep procrastinating because how do you write something for someone who means so much to you? A lot of people ask: What’s it really like to work for Melissa? Is she really like she is on her Instagram? I always say no. She’s everything you think she is and so much more.

Melissa is so much more than a boss to us. She’s a friend, a role model, and a motherly figure to both Dyl and I. She’s taught us so much.  From dating advice to gua sha and everything in between, I constantly find myself pausing thinking how lucky we are to have Melissa in our lives.

Here’s a few of the tips, tricks, and advice she’s taught us: 

Meditation–She taught me that meditation is for the mind like a shower is for your body. It helps you cleanse your mind and let go of what’s not serving you. My absolute favorite meditation is herAlign and Anchor one.

Dating Advice–There has been so much amazing advice she’s given in this area, but one thing she says: it’s always the last person you think. When you remove the judgement, you’ll see. That always really makes me think. She also always says: Dating is like a buffet–try everything. (Not in the way you’re thinking!) More like: don’t be afraid to move on to the next thing or go back for more for something you liked. And during this time, Dyl’s basically moved in and Melis definitely has the vibe of the Mean Girls mom, so Elanor definitely has that to look forward to!! 

Food–Melissa has really taught me how to intuitively eat and listen to my body. She taught me how to let the pressures go of what I should/shouldn’t be eating and taught me how to eat what makes me feel good. Before Melis, I didn’t have a role model who had a similar past struggle around food. She was the first person that made me see true healing is possible. I was taught how to love others. Melissa taught me how to love myself.

Generosity–Whether it’s food, clothes, or her time…she’s always giving to us. I call it Merry Melissmas, and it’s a regular thing. 

The MWH Method: I know, I know…couldn’t help it! I feel exactly like so many of you: before I would make myself run on the treadmill or do things I dreaded. Now, all I do is MWH workouts and I’ve never felt better in my mind or body with the long lean lines I always wanted but never got from doing hours of cardio. 

Gua Sha–A literal game changer for your face. Here’s her video tutorial here.

Dry Brush–It feels so good before a shower and really wakes you up. Here’s the dry brush she uses. 

Lymphatic Drainage Paddle–Another game changer for after the shower. All of the benefits of that here. And here’s a link to the paddle.

This was the tiniest smidget of all she does for us. Dyl and I are so lucky to celebrate her and the special motherly essence she shares with us daily.

By: Katelyn Hissong

8 thoughts on “Melissa Day

  1. saebryn peel Reply

    Love! You all seem so amazing! I want to join the team!!!!❤️

  2. April Greenside Reply

    Very well said. I’ve only recently came across Melissa on Ig when quarantine started. I was immediately in awe of what an amazing person she appeared to be. Following along has confirmed that and I can only imagine how blessed you must feel to have her in your lives. In this short time just through social media I have taken in so much and my life is so much better for it. Thank you for sharing and thank you Melissa for all that you share with us! Enjoy your Mother’s Day! xx 🤍

  3. Reply

    I discovered Melissa a couple of years ago and I am OBSESSED! I share her tips and tricks whenever I do interviews, podcasts or simply with friends or on my instagram. She is the sweetest soul and inspires me to be better too. Her workouts make me feel good, her meditations help me hit reset (love align and anchor too!), and she brings joy to my day. Happy Mother’s Day, keep doing what youre doing! Xo

  4. Miryl Reply

    I want Melissa part of my life…for real would love personal guidance. You are other so lucky.

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