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Healthy Halloween Alternatives

Trick or treat? We just want the treats sans the tricks…and by tricks we mean everything hiding in your Halloween candy like artificial food dyes. According to Food Safety News, common food dyes pose risk of allergies, hyperactivity, and cancer (Source linked here). Yes, it’s not always going to be perfect, but we are set on avoiding food dyes as much as possible. This starts with being aware and reading food labels. What should you look out for? If you see: Red #40, Blue #1, or Yellow #6…run the other way. Vani Hari, aka Food Babe, is an expert on this topic, so for a deeper dive click here for a post she created getting into the details.  It’s important to note that this isn’t about shaming or again perfection, it’s about the awareness of how much this sh*t can negatively affect our children and all of us. Knowledge is power, so with that in mind, we put together a list of some alternatives for Halloween this year. Let us know what we are missing as we always love trying something new too…!

Yum Earth organic sour beans

Yum Earth lollipops

Yum Earth fruit snacks

Yum Earth licorice

Yum Earth Chewys  

Unreal chocolate dots

Unreal dark chocolate peanut butter cups 

Unreal dark chocolate coconut bars

Unreal dark chocolate caramel peanut nougat bars

Smart Sweets assorted packages 

Bear Yoyo fruit roll ups 

Justin’s almond butter cups

Wholesome Delish Fish

Hu chocolate bars 

Tree Hugger natural bubble gum

Dandies vegan marshmallows snack packs 

Wild made tropical fruit rolls 

Solely made whole fruit gummies 

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