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Align & Anchor Yourself with Love

There’s so much pressure around the start of a new year–can we still get away with saying that mid Feb?! Either way, it can get quite overwhelming. Everyone’s preaching their resolutions and goals (which all sound great in theory), but in order to bring these lasting shifts into your life, you must actually change something…which most people find uncomfortable to do. So how the hell do you get there without being afraid of change? 

In my opinion, to live in alignment with what you’d love to become, you have to take a step back and take honest inventory so that you can live in a more joyful, peaceful state–at least for most of the time 😉 It’s also important to note: living in alignment isn’t about bringing in everything that you think you want. It’s about trusting that you are guided by a power much greater than your own to bring in all of the things to live a life of true fulfillment.

There’s no question meditation has helped me align and anchor myself. I want to share one very powerful analogy that Marianne Williamson has said over the years during her live talks in New York. She often hears others expressing that they struggle with consistency when it comes to meditation. They would do it one week, then stop for two months, and eventually come back to it. She breaks it down like meditation is for the mind just as a shower is for the body. Just as I shower everyday, I meditate everyday. It doesn’t matter if it’s just for two minutes, I get it in. Think about all the mental baggage we carry around each day—why hold on to it when you can wake up, meditate, and start the day with a clean slate. When you really commit to this practice, you’re able to tap into your highest self. It’s actually quite amazing to sit back and observe how it all unfolds. 

Here are some highlights from the Align and Anchor meditation I guide you in to help you connect to your highest self. 

Taking Honest Inventory (like, really honest)

This starts with yourself. Are you living a life of wellness Monday-Friday and then find yourself excessively partying on the weekends, spending your entire weekend hungover only miserable to return to work on Monday? This isn’t about adhering to a strict lifestyle, it’s about truly getting in touch with what makes you feel your absolute best and what makes you feel like shit. I really believe you can go out and have fun while being mindful of how you’re treating your mind and body. A helpful first question to ask yourself is: How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? How you fill yourself up at the start of each day can really help set the tone for how you’ll feel for the rest of it. What are the first thoughts that come to your mind when you look in the mirror? Every thought you think energetically transfers into every single thing you do. You carry that weight with you. Do you like how you treat yourself?

For this to resonate, you have to see things as they really are and own right where you’re at. Are you generally calm and relaxed, or do you live life in a constant state of stress? 

This process is also about being brutally honest with how you treat others. How do you treat the barista when you’re ordering coffee? Or a server at a restaurant? Are you freaking nice?! 

Getting really raw with how you’re treating yourself and how you’re treating others is an important step in being mindful about how you’re showing up in the world. 

Observe your Thoughts

Now that you’re more aware of how you treat others and yourself, observe what’s playing throughout your mind all day. It’s first important to remember that these are just thoughts. It doesn’t mean they’re actually true. As you develop new skills and expand your horizons, you’ll see how these thought patterns change over time. Mind shifter and energy mover, Jamie Graber, has really helped me learn how to do this. She explains it as interviewing your thoughts…really understanding what you’re thinking and why you’re thinking it. 

In one of Sah D’Simone’s meditations, he says to picture yourself at the movies: you’re the star of your own movie 24/7 (your life). Instead of just being on the screen, picture yourself sitting in the audience watching too. That’s when you’re able to sit back and observe the thoughts that are being played day after day in your own life. 

Visualize Your Highest Self

How do you want to feel when you get out of bed in the morning? Walking out the door on your way to work? When you’re meeting your friends? When you’re with your kids? Take a few moments to get really specific in asking yourself: How do I want to show up each day? What does it look and feel like to show up as the person you want to be? 

Getting clear with this energy that you want to bring into your life not only helps you visualize it, but you also start to embody this presence and literally become it. For me, taking some extra time in the morning to put myself together always helps me put my best foot forward. It instantly makes me feel amazing. We’re so used to putting ourselves down, but what would your life look like if you were actually kind to yourself? Don’t be afraid to take pride in who you are and how you show up every day. And if you’re not happy with the person you’re showing up as, now is the time to change it. 


For all of this to come into fruition, you have to honor your daily practice which will anchor you to live in true alignment. Whether it’s getting a 10-minute meditation in or 20 minutes of movement, create a system that works best for you. You have to remember that your breath is your anchor, and it’s available to you at all times. We’re all looking outside ourselves when we forget that the answers are within us. We just have to create the space to utilize it and keep coming back whether you’re having a good day or bad day. It doesn’t matter. Staying consistent with your practice is what will give you continually guide you to lasting results. 

I believe that every day and every moment is a new opportunity for change and we don’t need a resolution or specific time of year to do that. Positive change flows when we’re anchored in alignment. We bring in more of what we desire and we’re able to acknowledge what we’re called to do to fulfill our purpose. Doors will open and we’ll meet people who we’re meant to meet through synchronicity. But, if we continue living life with tools, people, or anything that doesn’t serve us, we disconnect from our highest self. Trust me, the opportunities really are endless when you live in this alignment with yourself.

By: Melissa Wood and Katelyn Hissong

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