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5 Ways to Realign and Ground Yourself Moving into the winter months

While you may know most of these already, I wanted to bring it back to basics with small ways to feel more centered around this time of year, because I’m personally in major need of it myself. It’s so important to maintain a sense of wellbeing especially in the colder months when it starts getting dark so damn early. *Insert moody vibes. Applying these small practices to your life can instantly help bring a greater sense of peace within when things start to feel out of whack. Comment below with the grounding practices you use that bring instant peace into your life.

1.Energy clearing rituals

  • Cleansing and using crystals- I’m by no means an expert here but since I’ve been incorporating crystals into my life I finally get the crystal craze. I carry selenite (cleansing, light and protection) and rose quartz (unconditional love that opens the throat chakra) in my bag everywhere I go. To learn more about crystals and how to best use them watch this video with me and energy shifter Jamie Graber

Cleansing your crystals:

1.  If you have access to ocean water or a body of water, put a small amount in a glass bowl and fully submerge your crystals into the water to cleanse them. Leave them in for about 5 minutes.

2. If you don’t have access to a body of water…use water from your faucet and add a few drops of balance essential oil to cleanse your crystals.

  • Wearing essential oils – I wear essential oils everyday and always have a bottle in my bag. I add the oil to my wrists, neck, heart and at the bottom of my feet (extra grounding). Since wearing oils I feel a sense of protection and peace within, as weird as it sounds…It’s something you have to experience for yourself to witness the benefits. Click the links below for some of my favorite doTERRA sets.
  • Saging the shit out of yourself, your home, your partner (truth) and your crystals. Sage removes negative energy!  I recommend to sage whenever you feel a weird energy in your home, if someone enters with bad/negative energy, seasonal changes and when something feels off.

How I sage:

1. Open all doors and closets.

2. Start outside the front door and move throughout the house walking clockwise waving the sage.

3. Move through each part of the house and in all closets.

4. Exit through the front door and smudge the sage in a dish until it goes out, you don’t want to put it under water.

  • Sealing all the positive energy in with palo santo. When palo santo is burned, the smoke is believed to provide medicinal and therapeutic healing energy. Not only is it extremely therapeutic, it happens to smell incredible as well. Simply light the palo santo until its burning and wave around to seal the positive energy.

2. Listen to a guided meditation or inspiring/motivating podcast. While everyone’s meditation practice is different, I always find listening to a guided meditation from someone inspiring is an immediate mood shifter.

3. Earthing – I know getting outside may sound like a no brainer to shift your mood but actually getting your bare feet on the ground (or in the sand, ocean..whatever nature you can connect to when possible) is known to reduce stress and boost your mood in seconds. The basic concept is that returning to the Earth and using natural elements can help us to restore balance in the body. Even just a few minutes outside will make the biggest difference in your mood. To be one with the earth is incredibly grounding – as crunchy as this may sound, it works every time.

4. Eat with the seasons: Everyone knows I’m a die hard smoothie lover but I don’t crave it as often with the cooler weather. And…If I do have it, I recommend avoiding adding frozen fruit, veg and ice to keep it room temperature. When it’s extra cold and your body starts craving warming foods, I recommend starting the day with a cup of warm water with lemon or ginger tea, then celery juice if you’re also on that kick like me. Then have your fruit or smoothie followed by something warming, like steel cut oats or avocado toast 30 min after the fruit/smoothie. Click here  for my approach on food combining principles to optimize digestion.

Then for lunch and dinner incorporate grounding root vegetables into your meals. Even as simple as adding onions to your salad or cooked dinner can be extra grounding (and they’re great for digestion). These Japanese yam, sweet potato puree, and carrots with cranberry recipes will help you feel more centered and stable during the winter months. They’re my absolute fave and I love a good grounding soup/stew recipe that literally warms you from the inside out.

Grounding root vegetables: carrots, squash, potatoes, turnips, fennel, beets, burdock root, garlic and onions.

5. Warming activities. I live for these during the winter and find them so therapeutic and calming when it’s cold out.

8 thoughts on “5 Ways to Realign and Ground Yourself Moving into the winter months

  1. Ilana Reply

    I read your comment about when completing the sage ritual, to smudge it in a dish to put it out instead of running in under water (which I had done *shaking my head). But why should I not run the tip that is burning/smoking under water to ensure that it is no longer lit?

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