5 Top Suggestions For Raising Kids in NYC and taking advantage of all the city has to offer

I was recently talking to someone who has kids and doesn’t live in NYC about what it’s like raising kids in the city. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to touch on some things that make living here with kids easy and manageable. I know a lot of people move out of the city once they have kids (look I get it, it can be extremely expensive – that’s without being said), but the positives to raising your children in New York City goes without saying. I know I can be a little biased being a 15 year resident but here are my top 5 tips for raising kids in New York and maximizing the benefits of all this city has to offer.

1. Find a great park within walking distance to your neighborhood:

Before I became a mom living in NYC, I had no idea how important parks were until I had Benjamin. The park becomes your backyard…Literally! It’s the one place you’ll spend the most amount of time with your kids. Find a park that’s within a decent walking distance so you can get a good power walk in for yourself but be close enough for those days you need to get the kids out of the house is essential.

2. Choosing the right neighborhood for your lifestyle:

Your neighborhood becomes like your little community. When choosing where to live you really want to look at what’s available within a few block radius from you. For example, I just visited this up and coming development uptown called Waterline Square and although I’m personally a downtown girl, because it’s the only neighborhood I’ve ever really known, I found this location appealing on so many levels with everything that was offered with and around the complex. There’s an Atlantic Grill just a few blocks away which is always a great option to accommodate everyone in the family. There are some other great options within walking distance and amazing school systems nearby. There were endless amenities in the building itself and the indoor play area will be perfect for bad weather days – we know how stir crazy kids can get on rainy days.

A few things that are super important to me to have in my neighborhood are: a health food store, juice shop, dry cleaning, and a good coffee shop.

This the outdoor space within the community of Waterline Square, perfect for walks and playing on the grass with kids.

This is what the finished product of what Waterline Square is going to look like. It’s over looking the Hudson – talk about amazing views..

Me and B took a tour of the mockup property. He was so exciting playing with all the little people and cars.

3. Create a Mom/parenting tribe!

Never underestimate the importance of a solid Mom/parenting circle. A group of women/men who you can connect with about all things motherhood, parenthood, sharing experiences – especially if your friends don’t have kids. The most common places I’ve made mom friends are in elevators (truth), parks and recreational activities for the kids.

These blogs have a huge variety of meet ups all over NYC and surrounding boroughs:

4. Entertainment around the city

There are constantly free events going on around the city. I highly recommended checking your pediatricians office where they post on a bulletin board of current events and activities for kids in your area and your local library. Almost all the libraries in NYC offer a free weekly story time offering for children.

Here’s a list of free and ticketed activities for the family.

5. Public Transportation:

Possibly the most important thing to factor in as a New Yorker. Choosing a location with trains or buses nearby will make your life that much easier. This can go highly overlooked when moving to the city or changing locations but it’s possibly the most important. Especially with children because taxi’s, uber, via and lift can get crazy expensive if you use them regularly.

New York City can be a pretty overwhelming place to live and that’s why your neighborhood and community become your comfort in this big city. Nothing makes me feel more apart of  a community than walking into my local coffee shop or nail salon and being greeted by my name. It’s moments like those that really make you feel at home. I personally couldn’t imagine another place in the world that I’d want to raise my kids. The culture, the diversity and the people in New York are what makes the energy of this city intoxicating.

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