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The Good Guide Night Rituals by Sharon Feiereisen

As vital to our wellness as eating right, a good night’s sleep can be frustratingly elusive in modern life. Our Night Rituals series introduces you to woman we find inspiring, and how they power down before bedtime. Hope you find some tips and tricks for sleeping tight.

Melissa Wood Tepperberg, Health and Wellness Coach, Side-with-a-Pillow Sleeper

You’d think being married to nightlife mogul – Noah Tepperberg, the co-owner of Tao/Strategic Group – would make living healthfully extra challenging, but Melissa Wood Tepperberg makes it look easy, and then some… her adorable son Benjamin loves green juice! When she’s not coaching clients, teaching In The Flow at Studio B, or filming workouts for Fitner, she’s sharing the benefits of a plant-based diet and working out using controlled movements via her popular social media channels. Just when you think she’s too perfect, Melissa opens up her past struggles like an eating disorder and chronic acne, or more recently trying to get her son over jet lag. Not surprisingly, her nighttime rituals lives up to what she preaches: it’s mindful and balanced. Below we chat with Melissa to learn how she winds down at the end of the day.


“I alternate between Tracie Martin Amla Purifying Cleanser and Beauty Counter’s Nourishing Cream Cleanser with a washcloth. I just recently starting using Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Brightening Essence Toner, then finish with Beauty Counter’s Nourishing Night Cream and Nourishing Eye Cream. If my skin is acting up and starting to breakout I’ll sleep in the Lerosett Clay Mask.”

Before-bed Ritual

“I wash my face, floss, and brush my teeth with David’s Premium Natural Toothpaste and an electric toothbrush. Then I smother my son with love and read him three books before he goes to bed. Lastly, I say my daily prayer “Where would you have me go, what would you have do, what would you have me say, and to whom” and occasionally listen to a sleep meditation on Insight Timer, a free meditation app.

I find that cleaning my home really helps me sleep. If your home is a mess, your sleep tends to be a mess. Also, reading a really inspirational book helps. I recommend ‘A Course in Miracles’, ‘A Return to Love’, and ‘Judgement Detox.’ Whatever it is that fills you up, giving yourself something inspiring and motivational before you go to bed is what you’ll absorb while you sleep.”

“I wouldn’t eat dessert before bed or anything that has a lot of sugar. Instead I have Sleepy Time tea or dandelion tea (especially if I’m feeling bloated). All-natural sleep aides like melatonin are also great. I’m not a bedtime snacker. (I used to be.) Now that I eat until I’m satisfied, I don’t crave things before bed. If for some reason I’m at dinner or an event and don’t eat enough, I’ll have a slice of avocado toast, which always helps me sleep like a baby! It’s really important to eat if you’re hungry. If you go to sleep hungry, you’re not going to have a restful sleep.”


“Shower. I’m totally guilty of sitting down in the shower to shave or meditate. I love it because as the water is falling down I almost feel like the water is washing positivity over my mind and body. I’ve envisioned this for years and think this might be my first time actually sharing it.”


“Ideally, Noah’s t-shirt and boxers… if he lets me! If not, comfortable bedtime shorts with a loose waste and top if he’s low on laundry hahahah. #truth”

Bedside Table

“Two selenite crystals from energy muse, ‘A Course in Miracles’, glass of water, Epicuren lip balm, hand cream and baby monitor.

Parenting trick

“Sticking to a structured routine is what gets my son to sleep. My tips for any new mom is snack, bath, brush teeth, book, then bed. I started using a salt lamp in Benjamin’s room. Occasionally if he’s struggling with going to sleep I’ll use a kids meditation from Insight Timer, or sing to him and put a little lavender essential oils on him and his pillow.”


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