If there’s anything that has made the biggest impact in my life, it’s my commitment to meditation. I share this with you in hopes it can bring a greater sense of peace and ease into your life. Please comment below with any questions you have.

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Comments (7)

  1. MWH Member

    I love you Melissa, you really are a beautiful soul. Your posts with your baby always bring a smile on my face. Thank you for this beautiful meditation.

    323 Days Ago

  2. MWH Member

    Beautiful meditation. Thank you Melissa!

    322 Days Ago

  3. MWH Member

    Beautiful meditation. Thank you for sharing with us <3. Going to do this in the mornings now!

    322 Days Ago

  4. MWH Member

    Thank you for this wonderful meditation! Your voice is so soothing and the 10 minutes flew by.

    322 Days Ago

  5. MWH Member

    Thank you Melissa.This 10 meditation was absolutely amazing!

    321 Days Ago

  6. MWH Member

    Thank you!! I loved this!! it was really good for my mid afternoon break at work! keep them coming!

    314 Days Ago

  7. MWH Member

    […] in a totally different way. I found Melissa Wood  through a favorite blogger of mine. Her free 10 minute meditation is a great place to start if you are wanting to get into […]

    210 Days Ago

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