Bali has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. Since we were planning on being in Singapore for the opening of Lavo, it was the perfect opportunity to finally make the trip over to Bali happen. We traveled with a mixed group of family and friends, which was amazing but the truth is that I had been looking forward to experiencing the spiritual aspect of Bali and traveling with a big group definitely changed some things in terms of getting that connection time in. This didn’t mean going in a group was a bad way to do it at all, our trip was incredible and I wouldn’t have changed a thing, but I wanted to be honest so that you know what to expect if you’re after more of a spiritual trip when traveling there yourself. If you are traveling in a group, my advice in balancing out the trip is to participate in what works for you and don’t be afraid to sit things out –  to relax, take a nap (like I did on the regular), or go off and explore on your own.

It’s because of the above that I now know for the next time where I want to spend almost all of my time, the Yoga Barn in Ubud 🙂 A few of us from the group decided not to go to the rice fields so we could experience a yoga class at yoga barn and it was awesome. Everything I had heard about it lived up to its expectations. One note is that it closes down early after the last yoga class since the life of the yogi is to rise with the sun. I learned this the hard way as we took an evening restorative class which got out around 8:30pm and afterwards everything at Yoga Barn was closed! I had been looking forward to eating at the healthy cafe and just experiencing the vibes there, but lesson learned and I was so happy we had made it there at all. After the class, we went back to Seminyak where we were staying and all agreed it was well worth the detour to stop there. I always find the best things in life are the moments you don’t plan. Going with the flow makes me so happy, I’m the furthest thing from a planner, that’s all Noah in our family.

We stayed at the Alila in Seminyak for a few days then at the Alila Villas in Uluwatu for the rest of our stay.

One of the the things that surprised me most about Seminyak was the beach. There was a ton of litter that washed up on the shore from trash being thrown in the water – so gross and scary because I jumped in and definitely felt something hit my shins and it wasn’t a fish! Let’s just say that was the first and last swim for me at this hotel. I really hate complainers and never want to come off like I’m complaining as this was truly a trip of a lifetime, but I think it’s so important to stay true when sharing an experience. Other than the state of the beach, we loved it.

Batua Temple with the boys. Pictured above: Branden Collinsworth (single), my Noah (very not single), Patrick Lang (very taken and expecting a babe) and Jason Strauss (also single…just sayin). Branden and I were blessed together by a Buddhist Monk – he’s one of my favorite, most inspirational people to follow on Instagram (@brendencollinsworth), his story is incredible.

This is the walk to the Kecaf Fire Dance. It was a really interesting show and Benjamin sat through the hour long ceremony, however I have to note it was a little scary at the end when they started kicking the fire around, I was not into that! Aka this was baby tested, but not baby approved 😉

The sacred monkey forest sanctuary in Ubud. This was one of the major highlights from Bali because of Benjamin’s reaction to the monkeys. It was the sweetest thing!

Yoga over with the sickest, most peaceful view I’ve ever experienced while taking a yoga class at the Alila Villas in Uluwatu.

The Yoga Barn crew! This place is so special, I didn’t get to spend a fraction of the time I would have loved to spend here. We were running late because we had to buy yoga clothes since we didn’t know we were taking the class until last minute.

Me before sunset, right before the class at Yoga Barn.

This was at Clear Cafe in Abud. I loved it here and they had something for everyone.

Benjamin had one of their special smoothies and truthfully he hated it…we gave it to someone else and ordered a strawberry banana smoothie.

Food combining while traveling: not always easy, but doable.

In Singapore, I only ate whatever was plant based, because there weren’t many options that were available to me. I had fruit in the middle of the day which I normally don’t do and bloated me like crazy. In Bali, however, there were so many plant based options that made it easier to incorporate food combining back into my regime. While traveling my main tips to staying on track is to:

1. Eat fruit first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Followed by caffeine 30 minutes later.

2. Have a salad at least once a day, typically in the middle of the day and either pick a protein or a starch to eat with it. For example, a salad with tofu or a salad with either sweet potatoes or brown rice. Leafy greens/all vegetables combine well with starchy carbohydrates or leafy greens with protein.

3. Travel with your probiotic (take this morning and night while traveling) and take digestive enzymes before any meals you are going to be mixing a bunch of different things at.

4. I also try to limit drinking to just the special occasions. I’m not a social drinker and don’t feel the need to have a glass of wine at dinner because everyone else is. Being mindful of your alcohol intake is really important, you’ll easily feel like shit when you’re drinking every night just because you’re on vacation.

When I travel I follow this 50/50. At home I follow food combining principles 80/20. Click here for my latest read on my approach to food combining.

This was from KYND Community, a plant based coffee, juice, smoothie and salad bar in Seminyak.

This veggie roll and salad with tofu are both from Clear Cafe.

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  1. MWH Member

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! is there a digestive enzyme you prefer or recommend? Been using the Dr. Ohhira Probiotic you recommended and LOVE it!!

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