I started incorporating crystals into my practice recently and now I couldn’t imagine it without them. I literally don’t leave home without putting the Selenite Harmonizers by Energy Muse in my bag before teaching a class, but also now when doing a talk or anything in between (I have ones I leave at home as well as travel ones that are easy to carry around). These crystals are seriously powerful in grounding me and helping me be in the right place spiritually while I go about my work and every day. They give me a protective energy and a stronger, more confident sense of self (a result of the selenite). This is coming from the original doubter of all things crystals when I first heard about this trend, but I’m so grateful I stopped judging it and just tried it. When I have these crystals with me I feel their energy the entire time and highly recommend trying them to bring some of this peace into your own life. P.S Energy Muse offers crystals for many different purposes, so if this isn’t what you need definitely browse the other options.

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Comments (3)

  1. MWH Member

    Melissa do you have a code?

  2. Victoria Joslin

    This is so interesting! I watched your video on crystals-what is the easiest way u cleanse them each night? Xo!

    1. Melissa Wood

      So glad you think so! I actually don’t cleanse them every night. I do them when I feel it’s necessary like how I shared in this post!

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