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I seriously cannot get over this transformation by @tinamarieclark. I’ve watched you transform right before my eyes with your commitment to show up for yourself every single day with pilates and following my @fitner_app workouts. Wow. Just wow. Get it Mama. Thank you for always being my biggest supporter.

Just to be clear… I will be sharing different transformation stories with you on Tuesdays to highlight people who have made a drastic shifts in their lives from feeling like crap to feeling their best. Everyone’s body is different. What feels good to someone might not look good to you. It’s not about being “skinny”- I personally do not like that word. It’s about being fit and feeling good in your skin. This is not about shaming people.

I would love for you to send me your transformation photos as you incorporate the 3 M’s (meditation, mindful eating and movement) into your lifestyle. I will be sharing your transformation stories on my page, just be sure to tag @melissawoodhealth and add #melissawoodhealth for my body transformation stories.

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