With the 4th of July coming up, I want to share a shift in perception on how to mentally prep for any celebration, holiday meal or event (anything where there will be a lot of temptation outside your normal routine). It’s as simple as this: I look at these occasions just like I look at any other day. I always look for the healthiest option and then choose one thing that I love to treat myself to.

I also think it’s really important to be mindful of the language that you use, especially in the case of food. For instance, using the phrase “cheat day” for me resonates with the feeling that you’re cheating yourself or doing something wrong. I like to think of it as treating myself and enjoying every ounce of it. I really believe that when you think this way you are less tempted to overindulge, allow yourself to take pleasure in what you’re indulging in and leave it at that. Something that has helped me is not showing up to an event starving (or starving yourself leading up to an event). I typically have a green juice with no fruit or a side salad before heading out so that I don’t ravenously grab the first thing I see.

A miracle is a shift in perception, this is the best life lesson I’ve learned from A Course In Miracles. How you look at any situation is exactly how it’s going to show up for you. If you go to a party thinking that you’ll eat like shit and be hungover the next day, then guess what…you most likely will be. Instead, if you go into that same situation believing that you are going to enjoy a glass of wine (or two), your favorite dessert, and that you will wake up feeling great…you most likely will. This simple shift in my mindset has made the biggest difference in the way I live my life and I hope it does for you as well.

P.S.- find out what I did with the leftover fruit kabobs from this post here

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