It takes so much courage to share your story in hopes to help others. I love these before and after pics. Please keep them coming and tag #melissawoodhealth so I can see your progress and share your journey for inspiration for others.

Words from @sashembracingpostpartum:

“This week’s transformation pic is pretty grueling, sorry if my post csection pic offends, if so look away! I’ve put it there for other #csection mums who may have experienced a traumatic csection, both physically and mentally. I haven’t spoken much about the birth of my son via cesarean but I’ll never forget the feeling of having hands inside my body, pushing and pulling until they got my baby out. The swelling and bruising this caused my body was severe and lasted over 6 weeks. I remember taking this pic thinking ‘my body is ruined’ and ‘how will I ever get back to the me that I love’ and the worst…’did I fail myself and my baby.’ But move forward 10 months and this is where I’m at, the swelling subsided, the bruises faded and I was left with the magical reality of my baby boy, and the body that created him. This is the result of previous programs and a lot of self determination. Most recently I have been following (and this post inspired by) @melissawoodhealth and her at home workouts on @Fitner_app combined with the removal of meat from my diet for the past 4 months and I am in love. I plan on staying with Melissa’s workouts for the next 6 months in prep for my wedding. Go check her out, her positive energy is totally infectious and her workouts are perfect for at home mummas that don’t want to pound the pavement for results! I promise you will love her! Can’t wait to see how my body and inner health looks by November!”

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