Photo courtesy of @colleenwachob (Colleen and her baby with our mutual friend/connector, Tara Stiles and her baby!)

You run such a massive growing business, how are you finding the balance between being such a present mother and the ultimate boss babe?

It’s a daily struggle! I’ve found a ton of support from other working moms who have walked in my shoes and remember how tough the transition can be to returning to work. You never feel like you have enough time to be a mindful mom or to work with your team and drive the business forward. I’ve had to be laser focused on productivity when I’m in the office. I focus on the things that need to be done in-person (conversations with the team, creative input). I’ll catch-up on email either in the morning or late at night.

You’ve bounced back so quickly after having a baby, what do you credit to that? How do you find time to fit fitness into your day to day?

Right now, I’m still only craving gentle exercises, but I realize that may change once I stop non-stop nursing. The only way I can fit fitness into my life is by literally doing just that. I walk-up 5 flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator on my way to work. I take the “long” way to work so that I walk through our park and get in some extra steps. I’ll do a mindbodygreen video class with either Guru Jagat or Tara Stiles if I can fit in a quick workout at home.

You run one of the coolest wellness brands, what do you wear to work on a regular day and how has that shifted since you’ve had a baby?

I’m still breastfeeding, so I definitely look at my wardrobe through the lens of what will be easy to wear when nursing. I bought Storq bras and camisoles while I was pregnant and have been pleasantly surprised by how much utility and comfort I have gotten from them in the nursing stage of life. A friend turned me onto to K-Deer leggings, and I can wear their solid black style dressed up to a meeting or for a walk around Brooklyn Bridge Park.

I personally reference my 3Ms (mediation, mindful eating, movement) in my daily practice and in how I prioritize health and keep myself sane, do you have a personal motto or practice that you follow?

Sleep and connections!

I know sleep is a super tricky one with a newborn, but I can’t function without it. My Snoo helped my daughter get on a predictable sleep cycle. If a newborn isn’t on a normal cycle, I would recommend switching-up the night duty and using pumped milk so that one partner can get caught-up on sleep. Naps can be helpful too! I’ve found the advice and support from other moms super helpful on this journey of motherhood. It’s a pretty amazing community that motherhood opens up. While every baby is unique, the joys, chaos, and struggles are similar. Spending time with girlfriends where I can connect honestly and openly about this new stage of life has been really valuable for me.

I know I’ve always personally been inspired by the content you publish as part of mindbodygreen, what goes into the curation of the content and experts you feature?

We look for experts that share a perspective on wellness that it’s a blend of mental, physical, spiritual, and environmental wellbeing. We believe that it’s all connected, which is why mindbodygreen is one word. From this definition of wellness, there are a lot of different viewpoints that we represent on mbg, but we are never prescriptive in terms of recommending one approach for our audience. We encourage people to find what works for them.

What’s your advice for anyone reading this who wants to run their own wellness business one day?

There’s a lot of advice out there to “quit your day job and find your passion” which is not my philosophy. I’m a huge believer in the concept of financial wellness. If you are worried about paying your rent, you’re probably not getting enough sleep, and not in a state of true wellness. It took mindbodygreen four years before we started monetizing the business. We wouldn’t have been able to keep growing mbg authentically if there was pressure to bring in revenue sooner. I didn’t work full-time for mbg until 4 years after the site was “born” for this reason. I recommend people keep their day jobs and take time to iterate and pivot their business if necessary before going “all-in.”

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