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As someone who suffered from horrible cystic acne, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear transformation stories like these from eating a plant based diet. It was almost immediate for me when I stopped eating animal products and shifted the way I viewed myself that my skin started to clear up. Read this incredible transformation story below by Aleysha Marie (@liftlikeablonde).

Words from Aleysha:

“The picture to the right was just two months ago before I decided to commit to a holistic approach to my health. This is when I found @melissawoodhealth through my best friend. I became SO inspired by her as a wellness coach and decided I wanted to work towards an entirely plant based diet along with the holistic approach I was taking. This lifestyle change has been a complete whirlwind for me. I had to switch off my “body builder mindset” where I was obsessed with counting my macros and drinking caffeine loaded supplements to get me through the day. I have (for the most part) cut out ALL artificial sweeteners, animal protein and have drastically cut back on coffee and alcohol. Has it been hard? Absolutely! What keeps me going in how I feel. I FEEL amazing, my skin shows it, my MIND shows it, and my HEALTH shows it.”

I would love for you to send me your transformation photos as you live the Melissa Wood Health way (nothing better than a great before and after shot!). I will start sharing your progress on my page, just be sure to tag @melissawoodhealth and add #melissawoodhealth.

 “On the left is how I woke up literally every morning with hives and bags under my eyes, right is how I woke up last week” -Aleysha


  1. ambra Reply

    this is amazing! i am an adult acne sufferer and have hopes of clearer skin one day

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