Placenta life.

I hands down would not have another child if I was told I could not have placenta pills. Not kidding. These were my happy pills as my husband called them.

I heard about the benefits of placenta pills from a few other trusted moms who highly recommended them. Coming from a family that experienced post partum after birth, I wanted to do anything I could to prevent this. Your placenta is an organ that secretes hormones, so when you give birth you lose some of those hormones. This can make you super sensitive and even cause you to lose some of your energy. The benefits I personally experienced were major boosts in mood, increased milk supply and alleviated anxiety. Placenta pills also replace some iron you have lost. The only challenging part is making sure you have everything ready for the process.

How to handle the P:

  • You need a small lunch cooler and a large Ziploc bag (make sure these are in your hospital bag)
  • Have someone dedicated to being in charge of handling the placenta. My husband was pretty amazing at handling it.
  • After you give birth, contact your placenta encapsulator. I used Jen Mayer ( who is the owner of Brooklyn Encapsulations. She also is a practicing doula with the Baby Caravan doula practice.
  • The doctor places the placenta in the Ziploc bag and then that goes in the cooler bag that you brought.
  • This then goes into the refrigerator until your placenta service provider picks up the placenta.
  • My pills came five days after giving birth.
  • Once you have the pills, you must keep them in the refrigerator.
  • I received 90 pills, or three months worth.
  • If anyone is selling their placenta let me know, jkjk. This is not recommended, however, I did look into it.
  • P.S. when your placenta pills run out (tear emoji) I suggest taking the Ginseng elixir in the photo below.

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