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Photo by: Abbey Drucker

I personally don’t set new years resolutions because it puts unnecessary pressure on yourself. When you move from this place of a constant need to achieve you focus on completing short term goals and less on the long term goal of creating and fostering this as a lifestyle (which is where you get the real long term results and see true benefits). I know this might sound weird to some, but I wanted to share how I move into not only just a new year but starting a new day…because that’s really what January 1st is, it’s just another day and a chance for you to show up for yourself and others. This is what I do: I ask these four questions from a daily prayer in A Course In Miracles.

  1. Where would you have me go?
  2. What would you have me do?
  3. What would you have me say?
  4. And to whom?

Asking these questions helps take the pressure off yourself to “figure everything out” (ps. stop trying to figure everything out). When you put these questions out in the universe, I have found the answers come back in many different ways. For example, I once took a Yoga class where the teacher really made me feel bad about myself (over correcting, over calling me out, no positive energy), but when I left there I kept thinking to myself “I don’t like the way she made me feel,” it clicked…”I want to be a teacher, I want to make people feel good in their own bodies.” Long story short, this practice has led me where I am today. I didn’t know I wanted to be a teacher, but by looking out and asking these questions it became part of my journey. If you asked me last year I had no idea I would be doing this work and sharing not only my approach but my workouts and meditations with all of you. By practicing this routine every morning after my meditation (and anytime I need some guidance, which is always) I have found answers, purpose, and a better understanding of myself and the world around me. Give it a try and let me know your experience, wishing you all the best in this New Year and new day!


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