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I am so beyond excited to share this MWH transformation with you all. As you know I can’t stress enough how much changing to a plant-based diet has helped change my life all around. Eating plant based has given me WAY more energy than I have ever had before, totally cleared up my skin, and eased my anxiety. When I saw this photo I wanted to share how eating plant-based can benefit more than just me.

 After transitioning to a fully plant-based diet in just two months Paige noticed major lifestyle improvements. Her energy level increased like crazy, her cravings decreased and she “feels stronger and better than ever”. While Paige’s (@paigecunning) transition was not focused on weight loss she naturally lost weight in the process.  I share this with so much love to inspire those who don’t feel good in their bodies. You can workout with me on @playbook_app on my channel.

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