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We’ve been whipping up this Vegan Pasta alla Vodka recipe on repeeeeat. It’s tricky to find a vegan vodka sauce, so we got a little creative in the kitchen with this one and made our own.

First, we tried mixing equal parts of Rao’s and the signature MWH pesto sauce (linked HERE). That was definitely tasty, but very bloating. You know we don’t mind unbuttoning our jeans for a good meal, but we felt it could be done better sans bloat.

We then discovered that combining the Rao’s and Kite Hill Ricotta gave it a next level creaminess and fills you right up with no bloat. Try throwing in different veggies each time: maybe kale, mushrooms or broccoli. Any way it’s done – it’s been a hit! Who’s ready to make this a weekly staple like we have!?


  • 3 tbs. of Kite Hill Ricotta
  • 2 cups of your favorite Marinara sauce (for this we used Rao’s linked HERE)
  • 3 cups whole grain pasta (linked HERE)
  • 1 cup cremini mushrooms
  • 1 handful of kale


  • Chop mushrooms and kale
  • Sauté mushrooms with marinara sauce
  • Add in pre-cooked pasta to pan
  • Pour in your favorite marinara sauce
  • Add in ricotta and stir together until sauces creamily combine
  • Enjoy!


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