NEW YouTube Video: What I Eat In A Day Pregnant

Being this pregnant (can you tell what side she’s on!?) I’ve been making super filling and nutrient dense lunches to get me through the day. This veggie burger sandwich and salad combo has been a pregnancy lunch staple. The crunchy bread with the veggie burger and salad to break it up gets balances it out perfectly. I always add in greens where possible going back to my motto of an equal or greater ratio to help optimize digestion. I seriously crave this one on a daily basis. To see my full “What I Eat In a Day” video from this day go to my YouTube channel here. 

Ingredients: (all organic)

Veggie Burger



  1. Toast bread in toaster and heat up veggie burger on the stove
  2. Put mayo and lettuce on bread, add veggie burger
  3. Massage kale with dressing
  4. Slice up half a cucumber and throw into salad



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Comments (6)

  1. MWH Member

    Looks so delicious! Definitely going to give it a try 🙂

    1. Melissa Wood

      It is so yummy!

  2. Victoria Joslin

    LOVE this video! Please do more what I eat in a day! Enjoyed this SO much! PS loving your spirulina smoothie! I teach second grade and my energy was AMAZING today! Plus, it’s delicious and I am not craving sugar at night like I used to! You are the best! Happy birthday to my Queen 🙂

    1. Melissa Wood

      This was so sweet, thank you so much for this message. So happy you’re loving the smoothie – it really does give you the best energy throughout the day. And best part is the not craving sugar! I’ll be sure to do more what I eat in a day’s 🙂

  3. Lisa Conlon

    Hi Melissa. What is the veggie burger?

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