Plant Based Avo Toast Brunch

We love us some avo toast over here at team MWH. WE literally eat it every single day. It’s also the perfect plant-based brunch option when dining out, or at home handling your second (or third #truth) breakfast. If you feel there’s nothing for you to eat on a brunch menu this combination is perfect because most restaurants have avocado toast, potatoes and mushrooms already on the menu. Just order all three as sides and put it all together.

We’re always experimenting with different ways to mix up our avocado toasts to keep it interesting. By topping with potatoes, tomatoes and/or mushrooms it makes the meal so beyond satisfying and it fills you up for hours. The bread and squeeze of lemon are the KEY ingredients here. We LOVE Vegan Mario’s sourdough bread and Food for Life Rice Millet (both gluten free). Should we share our crispy cornmeal potato recipe too? What do you like to top your avocado toast with?

INGREDIENTS: (All organic)


  1. Cut potatoes into slices and roast at 400 degrees for 30 minutes
  2. Throw mushrooms in for the last 10 minutes
  3. Toast bread and mash avocado on top
  4. Put potatoes, mushrooms, sprinkle of sea salt/nutritional yeast and squeeze of lemon on top

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