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Here at MWH headquarters, we take our snacking very seriously. We’re always looking for new, freaking delicious vegan snacks to try, and it’s safe to say we’ve tried them all. 

It’s important to note, we don’t encourage snacking all day. We’re firm believers in sitting down to eat healthy, satisfying meals to fill you up so that you’re not picking at things all day. But hey- we’re all human and lead busy lives, so sometimes ya gotta just lean in and go for it! 

But..make sure you do your research because harmful ingredients are hidden in most pre-packaged foods. Which is why we took it upon ourselves to read all the nutrition labels, so that we could find some of the cleanest snacks available (without compromising on flavor)! We like to think of ourselves as snack-perts (don’t know where that came from but going with it) when it comes to all things crunchie, salty, sweet, delish, and CLEAN.

We’re definitely a little over confident on this topic, so let us know if you’re with us or disagree. 

Linked below are all of our favorites.



  • From the Ground Up
    • Starting to see a theme here? Again don’t let the cauliflower scare you. These are also great for all you salt-lovers.
    • Their new Butternut Squash flavor is actually so delicious!
  • Happy Herberts
    • Great snack for the kiddies. Melissa always has these in her bag for Benjamin.
    • The sticks are thick making them super filling. Happy munching!


  • These deserved a category of their own because we are that obsessed with them.
    • The Cheddar flavor is definitely our favorite; they taste just like goldfish.
    • If we open a bag, it’s finished in that same sitting – they’re just that gooood.



  • Beam CBD bars
    • We have tried both the Vanilla Coconut and the Cacao, and we’re definitely vanilla girls.
    • Great for when we more hungry than just a munch but not hungry enough for a full meal or when you need that daily dose of CBD 
  • Lara Bar
  • Purefood Greens Bar
    • The all-star clean vegan bar option.
    • Satisfies a sweet tooth because it tastes just like a super chocolatey brownie.


  • Buddha Bowl Avocado Oil
    • We also love the Himalayan Pink Salt flavor; both have a buttery, savory taste.
    • We don’t normally do this but make sure you portion this out or you’ll end up finding yourself eating the whole bag.
  • Bjorn corn
    • An OG staple because the nutritional yeast sprinkled on top gives it that finger licking cheesy flavor.




Written collectively by: Melissa, Kate, Dylan, and Alice Panikian

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