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This Valentine’s Day, I’m making these cute little toasted sandwiches made of organic almond butter and jelly and of course, avocado.

In honor of the holiday, I thought I’d share some insight into the food dynamic of mine and Noah’s relationship. Overtime I’ve learned not to be a judgey partner. It’s about making a shift – embrace your significant other and letting them just be them. When it comes to our lifestyle and on a day-to-day what we eat, most of you know I am plant based and Noah is not. I have worked hard to make sure this doesn’t impact our social life, eating out, meals together. etc. It took Noah eight years to even try avocado toast. Now he eats it and likes it (without being forced :)!

I used to struggle making Noah food that I didn’t eat because I was judging him based off the simple fact that his food choices weren’t mine. When I was dating Noah he referred to me as the “food police.” This is definitely not a cute reference for your partner, fashion police maybe, food police no. Once I started showing more love and acceptance towards him and his choices, he started to make healthy shifts on his own. This Valentines Day, whatever the difference may be between you and your partner, think about changing your mind set to let them be them. It’s amazing what can change by just living in this space.

Side Note: The same thing goes for raising children. You can have your food philosophy and foundation at home but once they leave the house, they’re going to make their own decisions one day. A big part of parenting for me was letting go of the control of trying to make my son eat the things I wanted to eat. For those that ask me, Benjamin is mostly plant-based, but he occasionally eats eggs with goat cheese because Noah eats that and it’s their thing. I think whether you’re with a partner or single, more self compassion towards yourself and others is so important – not just on a holiday, but every day. It’s all about letting go of the control.


  1. Beth Reply

    Well said, when I first discovered the plantbased lifestyle I would get so upset with my husband just because I felt so passionate. Then I learned to take a step back, not judge and drop knowledge on him as I learned it. Eventually in about two years he gave up eggs and dairy all on his own and now he eats about 85% plantbased. I realized that being controlling of other’s choices only pushes them further towards doing what they wanted anyway. xx

  2. Deb Snyder Reply

    I’ve given up on my husband and his plastic barrels of pretzels and his hoagies( it’s a sub in Philly). I appreciate your advice. I’ve noticed if I keep some healthy alternatives around my family in the end admits they loved it. Recently a cauliflower pizza was a hit and so was sugar free/ low carb/ gluten free brownies!

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