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I just got back from LA and wanted to share one of my go-to green juice options. Drinking green juice pre-flight helps fight inflammation, fatigue, boosts immunity, increases circulation and keeps you hydrated. I always make sure to use all of the fruits and veggies I have in my fridge so nothing goes to waste!


  • Celery
  • Green Apple
  • Red Apple
  • Heirloom Carrots
  • Lemon
  • Cucumber


1. Cut the peel off of the lemon

2. Place all ingredients in juicer

3. Juice!

3 thoughts on “A PRE-TRAVEL MUST

  1. Christina Reply

    What other fruit would be a good substitute for the apples. I have Ibs and I can’t eat apples. 🙁

    • Melissa Wood Reply

      No! I use a juicer – the exact one I used is linked on my shop page under the kitchen tab.

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