Recommended Weekly Schedule for Maximum Results

Many of you always ask what workout schedule I would recommend each week for best results. I post a new schedule every Sunday night when the new workout goes live around 8pm EST. All the workouts are linked below.

Follow this to the best of your ability and on days that you’re feeling tired or sore – take that day off or do one of the prenatal flows. Also for those that want to incorporate more cardio, you can add the treadmill workout in an extra day or two.


24 Min Full Body


NEW 20 Minute Treadmill


11 Min Arms w/ Side of Inner Thigh 


19 min killer core


25 Min Inner/Outer Thigh Focused Full Body


25 min Yoga/Pilates Flow


23 Min Arms and Abs


22 min yoga focused full body


22 min standing chair series for arms, legs, glutes and abs


23 Min Power Abs


25 min full body

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Comments (47)

  1. Rosilde Simone

    love this idea, super helpful thank you <3

    155 Days Ago

  2. Nicole Angelico

    Planning out my week and this is major! VERY HELPFUL!

    155 Days Ago

  3. MWH Member

    I like the two new workouts!

    155 Days Ago

  4. MWH Member

    This is amazing! I’ve felt like I was lost just doing whatever workout I felt like doing that day. This is so helpful and makes me feel more productive!

    155 Days Ago

  5. MWH Member

    This is very helpful!

    155 Days Ago

  6. Viviana Da Costa

    Hi Melissa!!!! This idea is just perfect 👌🏻 Thank you so much, it will make it so much easier to know what to do everyday of the week ❤️🙏🏻

    155 Days Ago

  7. MWH Member

    Loved having two new workouts! But also love the schedule!

    Also, is it possible to have a membership option where we have access to all of your videos? Even the videos you have taken down? So that we have a bigger library to mix and match with? I’d 💯 pay more per month for this 🙌

    155 Days Ago

  8. MWH Member

    Yes! I love structure and schedules this will keep me accountable
    Thank you!

    155 Days Ago

  9. Nömnöm Nöm n

    I love the new schedule – but i would like to have two new workouts per week <3

    154 Days Ago

  10. Kylie Federigi

    This is so helpful, I’m really excited that you are including this workout schedule, it helps me so I don’t have to use my morning fog brain to decide what workout to do! I love all of the content that you post as well!

    154 Days Ago

  11. MWH Member

    I love it all Melissa!
    And missing your big laughs that are not so easy when fully pregnant right?
    You are my best inspiration.
    And yes schedule helps 😘😘😘
    Good luck for the next to come 😁💥🙏

    154 Days Ago

  12. MWH Member

    This is an awesome idea! New workouts are great but I think with the schedule one new workout a week is still great. :))

    153 Days Ago

  13. Heidi O'Connell

    Love a schedule!

    152 Days Ago

  14. Heidi O'Connell

    Also, I see chair series for Thursday’s schedule but didn’t see it as available on the workout page. I also love the idea to have access to all workouts too 😉

    152 Days Ago

  15. Sarah Casden

    love love love the full week plan!!! this is so helpful to know that we are maximizing results. please keep this up 🙂

    151 Days Ago

  16. MWH Member

    This is the best! Thank you!

    151 Days Ago

  17. Megan Sierra

    Would love two new workouts a week…gives me something to look forward to and makes me excited to work out with you! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    151 Days Ago

  18. Kylie Federigi

    One suggestion that I would have for this new thing that you have introduced to your site, it hyperlinking the workouts that you are recommending per day, then it will be just a simple click and go for the workout 🙂

    150 Days Ago

  19. Alexandra Warner

    I would love to still have two new workouts a week!! makes me excited to do a completely new workout twice a week instead pf just once! I love that it gives more variation since we only have access to 12 videos!!!! PLEASE bring it back!!!

    148 Days Ago

  20. Katie Kimsey

    Absolutely love this schedule. Extremely helpful!

    148 Days Ago

  21. MWH Member

    This is SO helpful!! Thank you!!

    146 Days Ago

  22. MWH Member

    I haven’t tried out the schedule yet (I just joined!) but I know from previous experience that having a recommended schedule really motivates me to workout, and I’m always excited to see what I will be doing day in and day out! I know this is really going to help me hold myself accountable, and it takes all the confusion out of trying to figure out which workout is best for which day.

    146 Days Ago

  23. Shira Pell

    I have been using the schedule these past two weeks and it has been a huge game changer!!!! Having it all laid out motivates me to get on the mat and push myself. I feel great and I’m enjoying every moment!

    141 Days Ago

    1. Melissa Wood

      So happy to hear this! Thank you!

      140 Days Ago

  24. Cassandra Heckmann

    I’ve been doing your workouts daily and feeling it!! Thanks for this schedule. So so helpful!!

    137 Days Ago

  25. MWH Member

    This is perfect. Easier to commit to a workout when a plan is implemented! Thanks Melissa! 🙏🏽

    136 Days Ago

  26. Megan Sierra

    Really missing the two new workouts a week! I hope you go back to that soon! Love your workouts so much and love the variety of two new ones a week!

    134 Days Ago

  27. MWH Member

    Agree!! Absolutely love the schedule — and the two workouts a week (I miss them also!)!

    132 Days Ago

  28. Daria Ivanova

    Oh how I’m missing two workouts a week! It made me sooo exciting waiting for that workouts!

    129 Days Ago


    Would love to have more workouts available — especially more arms/abs to add on to the base workout. 12 base flows with 5 “add on” options at anytime would be great so you don’t get bored. I’d especially appreciate a few arm add ons to be available at anytime for variety bc I almost always add the one you have and it gets repetitive. These workouts have been so doable with my life style (mom working 60 hours a week) and I really appreciate it, feel so much good to be working out again. Thank you!

    127 Days Ago

    1. Melissa Wood

      Totally will take this into consideration. Thank you for the suggestion!

      126 Days Ago

  30. Nyerie Adourian

    In addition to these workouts everyday, how often do you suggest doing cardio? What do you recommend, jogging on treadmill, stair master…? Any other Strength training with heavy weights?

    Thank you so much — really loving the convenience and effectiveness of these workouts!

    120 Days Ago

    1. Melissa Wood

      I have a suggested schedule in the fitness section of the website each week that incorporates my treadmill series. If you feel you need more cardio I suggest implementing this in 1-2 more times each week. Hope this helps 🙂

      118 Days Ago

  31. MWH Member

    Yes to 2 new workouts a week! Also is it possible to keep the older videos up to have an expanding workout library? 😉 thanks!

    119 Days Ago

  32. MWH Member

    Yes I agree with the comments.. if there could be an option to keep the older workouts for more selection? Even if we have to pay extra..please take it into consideration, thank you!

    118 Days Ago

    1. Melissa Wood

      Will definitely take this in to consideration! Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it 🙂

      118 Days Ago

  33. Paige Bachety

    I miss the more frequent videos!! Ive been doing your workouts religiously since May and love them — but would really like it if you can more refquently update the selection. I find myself repeating videos a lot. Thank you, LOVE YOU!!!

    112 Days Ago

  34. Jessi Shuttleworth

    Love that you’ve created a schedule. Is there a warm up routine that should be followed prior to starting a workout?

    104 Days Ago

    1. Melissa Wood

      Good question! No there isn’t 🙂

      103 Days Ago

  35. Desi Buenrostro

    I love having a weekly schedule! It helps so I know what to do each day. However, I’d like to see alternatives for videos that include a treadmill for example, because I don’t have access to one. 🙂

    89 Days Ago

  36. Sarah Bise

    This is my favorite thing! Thanks for taking the time to update this weekly!

    86 Days Ago

    1. Melissa Wood

      So happy it’s helping you!

      74 Days Ago

  37. Madeleine Hoye

    I love having the weekly schedule but would prefer to have 2 new workouts a week!

    75 Days Ago

  38. Victoria Joslin

    New to these workouts as of Sunday! I LOVE having a schedule to guide me! Please continue to do this! 🙂 Thank you so much!

    56 Days Ago

    1. Melissa Wood

      There will be a new one up every week! So happy it’s beneficial to you 🙂

      53 Days Ago

  39. MWH Member

    I notice that you have one day recommended for cardio per week.. just curious, how many days a week do you yourself do cardio? Thank you then your response😉

    19 Days Ago

    1. Melissa Wood

      I actually rarely do any cardio myself! Only when I film these treadmill workouts. If you feel you need more then I would just incorporate this series 1-2 times more into your week.

      18 Days Ago

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