Nothing better than when a vision comes to life. Thank you for creating this beautiful space and hosting us all in your home, TinaMarie (@tinamarieclark), Mirabea (@mirabeanyc) for the incredible idea of bringing us all together, Miriam (@miriamadler) for such a beautiful kundalini practice, Trish (@tbarillas) for the most inspiring talk on tools to deal with anxiety and Nofar (@nextgenpilates) for a killer pilates class. Most importantly, thank you to all who attended and brought this to life.

Click Here for my quinoa stir fry recipe, and Click Here for my simply salad dressing recipe.

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  1. MWH Member

    Amazing! I would like to travel all the way from Finland, Europe to USA and take part something like this, dream <3 that can come true! Thanks for your inspo!! – Maija

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