How many times a week and for how long should I be doing the workouts?

I recommend doing my workouts at least 5 days a week anywhere from 20-40 minutes minimum a day for maximum results.

What workouts should I be combining on a given day?

The method to my madness, the reason why I provide you with 12 workout options at a time, is so you can combine what works for you that day. I personally recommend changing them up daily and coming back to the workouts you love most 2-3 times a week maximum. For example if you have 40 minutes one day, I would do a 20 minute arm video in addition to a 20 minute lower body series. The following day would be a perfect opportunity for a full body yoga/pilates flow. On days that a certain body part is really sore, I recommend stretching and working on a different body part.

Do I need to use props?

Almost all my workouts can be done using your own body weight but I do recommend experimenting with at least the bands, exercise ball and ankle weights to intensify the workouts.

What props should I have on hand?

Refer to my current props post on my website in the fitness section for a full updated list. This updates often so be sure to check back regularly. I’ll also let you know in the description of each workout what is recommended to use for that particular series.

What pound ankle weights do you use and recommend (also to be used for arms series)?

Between 1 and 2 pounds.

Where can I do these workouts?

All of my workouts are now available on my website, melissawoodhealth.com, in the Workout With Me section.

Does my subscription automatically renew?


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